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Newsletter Issue 10

October 28, 2019


Pretty Good Practices: Publishing Dart Packages. Great article by Ryan Edge about what guidelines you can follow to create great Dart packages.

Android Studio 4.0 w/ Jetpack Compose preview announced at Android Dev Summit. Not exactly about Flutter, but as developers, we have to know what is happening in the mobile ecosystem. Also, Jetpack Compose is inspired by Flutter.

Bloc Library v1.0.0 is here!. Flutter state management is a big issue, and BLOC is one of the most used patterns. With this new version, the Bloc library brings many improvements. Congratulations to the author Felix Angelov for this great library!!.


flutter-ui-nice More than 130+ pages in this beautiful app and more than 45 developers have contributed to it.

Badge maker for packages.. Badge maker for Dart packages.


Firebase Authentication with Flutter. Authentication is part of many apps, and with this tutorial by Udara Abeythilake, we learn how using Firebase.

Useful List methods in Dart. A handy tutorial by Darshan Kawar. In Flutter, we use List for everything. You are going to learn all the methods that you need to control your lists.

An in-depth dive into implementing swipe-to-dismiss in Flutter. Everything that you want to know about the Dismissible widget, you can find it in this tutorial by Wilberforce Uwadiegwu. Backgrounds, icons, animations, and much more.

The Ultimate Javascript vs Dart Syntax Guide. If you come from Javascript, this is the guide for you written by Frank Treacy.

How to Cluster Markers on Flutter using Google Maps. Working with maps is not always easy. In this tutorial by António Valente, we will learn how to make cluster markers a fantastic feature if you have many points close together on a map.


DataTable (Flutter Widget of the Week). Do you have some important data to show to the user in a table? Define your columns, rows, and automatically size cells with DataTable!

DashCast is back! (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 32). In this episode of the Boring Show, Emily and Matt work on DashCast, the ultimate in podcasting apps. Learn how to parse rss feeds, pass data between multiple screens, stream audio, and more!.

In App Purchases in Flutter. In this video, by Fireship, you will learn how to setup In App Purchases in Flutter to sell 💎 consumable digital products for real money 🤑 on iOS and Android.

FlutterUI - Minimal Designs - Wine app - Speed Code. A great video from Raja Yogan showing how to build a Wine app UI in Flutter.


inapppurchase A Flutter plugin for in-app purchases. Exposes APIs for making in-app purchases through the App Store and Google Play.

executorservices A Dart package providing services that allow you to execute dart code in different executors, ex - isolates. Github.

extra_pedantic How to get the most, most value from Dart static analysis. A drop-in replacement for pedantic. Github.

App of the Week

Flute Music Player. First Open Source Flutter based material design music player with an audio plugin to play local music files. A fantastic open-source Flutter app that also has a plugin that you can use in your projects!