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Newsletter Issue 11

November 04, 2019


Flutter Interact - December 11, 2019, Worldwide. A new event by the Flutter team. It will be in New York City, but there will be live streaming so you can watch it from anywhere. Mark it on your Calendar!. You can watch more about on Youtube.


Facebook vs Google: The Battle of Their Cross-Platform Frameworks. In this tutorial by Paresh Sagar, we get a detailed description of the pros and cons of React Native vs. Flutter.

Futures: Promises in Dart. An excellent introduction to Futures and asynchronous programming on Dart.

Impressions From A Flutter 101 Talk Coming From React Native. In this tutorial by Alex Finnarn, we get a Flutter perspective from a React Native developer on his first steps.


Hover - Hover brings Flutter apps to the desktop. Cross-platform support, open-source, and plugins. Based on go-flutter.

flutter-boot. A native-flutter-hybrid develop tool helps you add and develop Flutter with your existing app.


Flutter Tutorial: Real Estate App. A tutorial by Cybdom where we learn how to create a simple real estate app.

Building Flutter apps for multiple screen sizes and devices. A fantastic tutorial by Viktor Lidholt on how they used Flutter to adapt the app of Newsvoice to multiple screen sizes.

Decode Scaffold. A very detailed tutorial by Greg Perry about this important widget the Scaffold.

Flutter Design Patterns: 3 — Template Method. Another great tutorial by Mangirdas Kazlauskas about Design Patterns in Flutter. Design patterns help us write better code and resolve common problems faster.

Flutter Automated Tests — Getting Started. Tests, you know that you have to do it!. In this tutorial by Albert Oboh, we learn how to do Unit Tests and Widget Tests in Flutter.

Interactive password validation UX in Flutter using Flare (2Dimensions). A very cool tutorial by Waleed Arshad on how to use Flare animations with Flutter.

Flutter Tutorial: Provider Overview for Humans. We cannot have a Flutter Tap newsletter without some state management, so here it is. In this tutorial by Scott Stoll, we learn more about the Provider.


Building a Website In Flutter - Flutter Web Beginners Tutorial. Another great video by FilledStacks. This tutorial is the first in a series that will go over all the basics for creating a website in Flutter.

Slider, RangeSlider, and CupertinoSlider(Flutter Widget of the Week). Sliders!. Need a quick way to select from a range of values? The Slider widget selects a single value from a range.

Text To Speech (TTS) in Flutter | Flutter Tutorial. By The CS Guy. Quick Text To Speech Implementation in Flutter.


local_auth Flutter plugin for Android and iOS device authentication sensors such as Fingerprint Reader and Touch ID. - Github.

date_format A simple API to format dates. Provides various constants to build Date format string. Use formatDate method to format date according to format a string. - Github.

uni_links Flutter plugin for accepting incoming links - App/Deep Links (Android), Universal Links and Custom URL schemes (iOS). - Github.

App of the Week

Smart Notes. A note-taking app powered by Google services such as Google Sign In, Google Drive, and Firebase ML Vision.