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Newsletter Issue 132

May 02, 2022

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If you have any remote conference about Flutter or Dart that you want me to share, please send a message on Twitter @fluttertap. Also, if you have any important messages, I will do my best to share them. We have to help each other in this situation.

Are you building something in Flutter this month? Please share it with me on twitter @fluttertap.

Google I/O

Google I/O is coming up on May 11-12. And it’s packed with 9 amazing talks and Workshops of Flutter. This is a list of the talks so you can find the ones you are looking for:

  1. What’s new in Flutter. Learn the latest from Flutter including how to build beautiful native apps for multiple platforms from a single codebase. With Andrew Brogdon and Tim Sneath. Day 1, following keynotes.
  2. Adding WebView to your Flutter app. This workshop guides developers through adding WebView to their Flutter app. With Andrew Brogdon. Day 1, following keynotes.
  3. Write a Flutter desktop application. In this workshop, you’ll build a Flutter desktop app that uses the GitHub REST API. With Justin McCandless. Day 1, following keynotes.
  4. Take a Flutter app from boring to beautiful. Ever had a well-built app that looked drab? This workshop covers simple steps to turn boring into something beautiful!. With Rody Davis and Khanh Nguyen. Day 1, following keynotes.
  5. Diving into Flutter desktop. Learn how to nail the details when building Flutter applications for desktop platforms. With Craig Labenz and Greg Spencer. Day 2, 9:00AM PDT.
  6. Flutter Concurrency: When, why, and how to multithread in Flutter. Learn about Dart’s event loop and isolates, then see how using them can bust jank and improve performance in Flutter. With Michael Goderbauer and Michael Thomsen. Day 2, 9:00AM PDT.
  7. Real-world Flutter lessons for federated plugin development. Get ready for Flutter desktop with battle-tested lessons on federated plugins. With Reid Baker and John McDole. Day 2, 9:00AM PDT.
  8. Watching a Flutter App Crash. Learn how to gain insights into how Flutter apps in production behave. With Andrew Fitz Gibbon. Day 2, 9:00AM PDT.
  9. Web apps with Flutter: A love letter to modern browsers. Take a deep dive into how modern browser standards power Flutter on the web. With Kevin Moore. Day 2, 9:00AM PDT.


I Won in The Flutter Puzzle Hack Challenge 🎉!. Roaa tells us about her experience building and winning the Flutter Puzzle Hack Challenge in this fantastic article.

@spacechat: Students Building for Social Privacy on Flutter. In this interview, Gefei talks about how the team built a privacy-first social app on Flutter and @platform.


Monarch is looking for writers. Now Hiring: Flutter Technical Writers needed. We’re Monarch and we help you build Flutter UI’s with ease. You’ll help us create platform documentation, tutorials, newsletters, and blogs. If interested, please email an intro and prior creative examples to us at Cheers!.


Immutability & Equality in Flutter & Dart. In this tutorial, Yogesh Parwani shows us how to minimize bugs and maintain large-scale applications using immutable data structures and value equality.

4 extremely useful Flutter tips that you can use right away!. Tomic Riedel gives us 4 simple tips to make your Flutter development easier.

CupertinoPageTransition In Flutter. There aren’t many tutorials covering Cupertino components for Flutter, so it’s great to see a tutorial on the topic. Shafquat Majid shows us how to use CupertinoPageTransition in your Flutter app.

Save 99% CPU memory by optimizing images in your Flutter app! Prevent crashes. A great tutorial by Samyak Jain shows us how to optimize images for better performance.


google_fonts (Package of the Week). Want to add a little bit more pop to an app? Use a custom font! The google_fonts package provides over 1400 fonts that you can use anywhere in a Flutter app.

PARALLAX Scrolling Effect (Flutter Animation). How to create the Parallax Scrolling Effect in Flutter. Use the Parallax Scrolling Animation for images in your Flutter app.

Humpday Q&A/AMA :: 27th April :: #HumpdayQandA #Flutter. Come chat about Flutter and ask your questions!


cupertino_lists Package that implements iOS-style grouped

meta_validator A tidy utility to handle validation of strings like a pro. It provides support for both iOS, Android, Web, Linux platforms (of course).

path_animator A flutter package to draw path with animation on canvas.