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Newsletter Issue 133

May 16, 2022

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Flutter Google I/O 2022 Special

This issue is dedicated in most part to the announcements and talks in Google I/O 2022. A lot of new things in the Flutter ecosystem to be excited about.

First thing, Flutter 3.0! This leap from 2 to 3 mainly was for the official support of Android, iOS, Web, Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. So if you do the math, that is 6 platforms with one codebase. And not just that, now we have support for Apple Silicon embedded on Flutter, so we now have support for Intel and Apple Silicon chips natively. So now you truly can create an app for almost every main app platform out there.

Also, we have improved performance, Material You support, productivity updates, Firebase full integration, and Flutter Casual Games Toolkit (with more information below).

You can read more about the Flutter 3 release here:

  1. Introducing Flutter 3. The official announcement by Tim Sneath.
  2. What’s new in Flutter 3. A more in deep dive on what is included in this new version. By Kevin Jamaul Chisholm.
  3. Google Releases Flutter 3.0 for Creating Cross-platform Apps. By Corbin Davenport.
  4. Google’s Flutter app development framework now stable across platforms. By Thomas Claburn.

Flutter Casual Games Toolkit

This is an unexpected but welcomed kit. In Google’s own words, “This starter project provides pre-built “bells & whistles” such as a main menu, a settings page, sound support, and so on, but leaves the fun part to you: building the game!“. This template is developed by the one and only Filip Hracek. So now you can create simple (and not so simple) games for 6 platforms with one codebase. How cool is that?.

Also, we now have support for the Flame framework on DartPad, so you can test your concepts without downloading any SDK.

If you want to learn more about this toolkit, here you will find great resources:

Google I/O Flutter talks:

Here is the list of all the talks about Flutter in Google I/O, doesn’t matter your Flutter expertise there is a lot of useful information here:

  1. What’s new in Flutter. Learn the latest from Flutter including how to build beautiful native apps for multiple platforms from a single codebase. With Andrew Brogdon and Tim Sneath. Day 1, following keynotes.
  2. Adding WebView to your Flutter app. This workshop guides developers through adding WebView to their Flutter app. With Andrew Brogdon. Day 1, following keynotes.
  3. Write a Flutter desktop application. In this workshop, you’ll build a Flutter desktop app that uses the GitHub REST API. With Justin McCandless. Day 1, following keynotes.
  4. Take a Flutter app from boring to beautiful. Ever had a well-built app that looked drab? This workshop covers simple steps to turn boring into something beautiful!. With Rody Davis and Khanh Nguyen. Day 1, following keynotes.
  5. Diving into Flutter desktop. Learn how to nail the details when building Flutter applications for desktop platforms. With Craig Labenz and Greg Spencer. Day 2, 9:00AM PDT.
  6. Flutter Concurrency: When, why, and how to multithread in Flutter. Learn about Dart’s event loop and isolates, then see how using them can bust jank and improve performance in Flutter. With Michael Goderbauer and Michael Thomsen. Day 2, 9:00AM PDT.
  7. Real-world Flutter lessons for federated plugin development. Get ready for Flutter desktop with battle-tested lessons on federated plugins. With Reid Baker and John McDole. Day 2, 9:00AM PDT.
  8. Watching a Flutter App Crash. Learn how to gain insights into how Flutter apps in production behave. With Andrew Fitz Gibbon. Day 2, 9:00AM PDT.
  9. Web apps with Flutter: A love letter to modern browsers. Take a deep dive into how modern browser standards power Flutter on the web. With Kevin Moore. Day 2, 9:00AM PDT.


Dart 2.17: Productivity and integration. We also have a new Dart SDK in Google I/O, version 2.17. With improvements in productivity and platform portability, new language features, and more.


DartPad Workshops from Flutter GDEs. A great collection of workshops in DarPad created by Flutter Google Developer Experts (GDEs) to help you learn deep dive Flutter topics.

Desktop Backgrounds

Flutter 3 Desktops Backgrounds. Tim Sneath was kind enough to share two high-resolution images of Flutter 3. They look great on my computer.


Filip reacts to Flutter 3 announcements at I/O I guess Flutter is now 3.0! In this video, I’ll look only at the parts of Google IO that pertain to Flutter, and I hope to give you a bit of color while watching the developer keynote and the “What’s new in Flutter” session.

Flutter at Google I/O 2022 in 5 minutes!. Be in the KNOW after Google I/O! Watch the video for a 6 minute recap of the latest in Flutter and Dart.

I didn’t want to make this issue too long so this is it for now. Next week I’m back with more Flutter articles, tutorials, videos and packages!.

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