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Newsletter Issue 14

November 25, 2019


We hear you — learnings from Q3 2019 Flutter user survey. The results are out!. Over 7,500 users participated in the Q3 survey of Flutter, and these are the results On performance, add-to-app, plugins, and frustrating experience. It’s good to have this kind of survey where the Flutter team can learn how and what to improve.

Flutter: Forbes had it right. A great article by Scott Stoll, where he talks about the future of Flutter, and why he thinks Flutter is going to keep growing.

Flutter Clock challenge. The Flutter team keeps us in suspense for a couple of weeks with a countdown clock. But the wait is over. The Flutter Clock challenge aims to build a beautiful clock face UI with Flutter for the Lenovo Smart Clock with some great prices. The deadline is January 20, 2020. Are you going to participate?

Flutter Europe Speakers. Over 30 speakers are confirmed for the Flutter Europe conference. If you live in Europe, this is an excellent opportunity to hear talks from world-class Flutter experts.


Flutter Everywhere. Template Flutter Project for iOS, Android, Fuschia, macOS, Windows, Linux, Web, Command-Line, Chrome Extension.

Flutter and Zeplin: Speed up the Development Process from your Design. Export your Zeplin design to Dart code with this extension by Roberto Juárez.


How Slivers are made — Part 1.In this first tutorial of the series, Tomek Polański teaches us how to write our first Sliver. Sliver allows us to achieve cool custom scrolling effects on our apps.

Flutter and Desktop. In this tutorial by Aseem Wangoo, we see how to run a Flutter app on the desktop with a simple application.

Exploring Flutter camera plugin. A fantastic tutorial by Divyanshu Bhargava about how to create a camera app in Flutter using the camera plugin.

Flutter Tutorial: Hotel Booking App UI. Another great tutorial by cybdom. This time is a Booking App from scratch.

Mangirdas Kazlauskas keeps delivering with this great series about design coding patterns in Flutter with two more articles:


DraggableScrollableSheet (Flutter Widget of the Week). Are you looking to drag a widget onto the screen? Does that widget have scrollable content? DraggableScrollableSheet has you covered!

How Flutter renders Widgets. At Google Developer Days China 2019, Andrew Fitz Gibbon and Matt Sullivan discuss how Flutter works under the hood, and dig deep into widgets, elements, and render objects. Stay tuned to gain a better understanding of Flutter, and build better apps!.

Tools and techniques to profile Flutter applications for performance issues. In this video, we explore some tools and techniques to profile our Flutter applications to discover potential performance issues in our code. We take a look at Dart DevTools, Dart Observatory, and other Flutter Performance tools. This is an intro video covering the basics of these tools.

Flutter Web - Building a Responsive Website in Flutter | Flutter Tutorial. In this Flutter for Web Tutorial, you learn how to build a Responsive Website using Flutter.


basic_utils Common util classes providing a solution for different situations. Many utils for Strings, Domains, Email, Math, Color, and much more. Github.

audio_service Flutter plugin to play audio in the background while the screen is off. Github.

flutterpagetransition A rich, convenient, easy-to-use flutter page transition package. - Github.

App of the Week

Mudeo. An open-source Flutter app. Multi-track mu(sic vi)deo recorder. The app enables you to work with musicians around the world on multi-track music videos. One artist can start a song, and then any other artist can edit it to add their own tracks. It’s sort of a mashup between Smule/TikTok and GitHub.