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Newsletter Issue 141

July 25, 2022

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If you have any remote conference about Flutter or Dart that you want me to share, please send a message on Twitter @fluttertap. Also, if you have any important messages, I will do my best to share them. We have to help each other in this situation.

Are you building something in Flutter this month? Please share it with me on twitter @fluttertap.


Unit testing a Flutter GraphQL app. In this tutorial, Dana Hartweg teaches us how to create tests for GraphQL in our Flutter app.

Google Pay in Flutter. Aseem Wangoo shows us how to easily integrate Google Pay into a Flutter app.

How to create a one-time password authentication flow using Amplify Flutter. Mo Malaka explains how we can add a one-time password authentication flow using Amplify and SES.

Mozilla DeepSpeech Engine in Flutter Using Dart FFI. A great tutorial by Manuinder Sekhon on integrating a C/C++ library into Flutter.


Autocomplete (Widget of the Week). Catch this #WidgetOfTheWeek to learn all about the Autocomplete widget and how it replaces a standard TextInput, but with a robust autocomplete experience to keep your users moving.

Introducing: DashBot the Chatbot! | Learning to Fly. In this episode of Learning to Fly, Khanh builds a Dash Chatbot. Implementing a chat interface complete with blue bubbles, why won’t the chat UI scroll to the bottom, and what are Dash’s best jokes? Plus - a special guest joins from a boring location!

Flutter Drag and Drop (ListView, ReorderableListView). By Johannes Milke. How to drag and drop widgets inside a ListView in Flutter or drag and drop widgets using Draggable and DragTarget in Flutter.

Humpday Q&A/AMA :: 20th July 2022 :: #HumpdayQandA #Flutter #FlutterCommunity. Simon, Scott and Randal answer your questions about Flutter and Dart.


papilio Build beautiful apps with Flutter. A declarative framework for state, composition and navigation.

envied Explicitly reads environment variables into a dart file from a .env file for more security and faster start up times.

selectable_list A widget displaying a list of selectable items. When one of the items is selected, the other elements of the list are animated out, leaving the selected value.

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