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Newsletter Issue 152

November 21, 2022

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If you have any remote conference about Flutter or Dart that you want me to share, please send a message on Twitter @fluttertap. Also, if you have any important messages, I will do my best to share them. We have to help each other in this situation.

Are you building something in Flutter this month? Please share it with me on twitter @fluttertap.


Flutter Forward. Preview some of our investments in the technologies of the future at Flutter Forward, streaming live from Nairobi, Kenya on January 25, 2023! The event will feature a keynote, tech talks, and live Q&A session that show how Flutter is pushing UI development forward.


Monarch a tool for building Flutter widgets in isolation. It makes it easy to build, test and debug complex UIs. Now it is open source.


How to Extend a Flutter Plugin to Support Web. An excellent tutorial by Debanjan Chatterjee on on extending a Flutter plugin to support web.

Few Tricks For Flutter Integration Test. Akanksha Gupta gives us 3 useful tips for Flutter integration tests.

In this two-part tutorial Vedran Balagovic teaches us how to use Fastlane to automate our deployment process:


FutureBuilder (Widget of the Week). Got a Future and need some widgets to display its value? Try FutureBuilder! Give it a Future and a build method, and it’ll create widgets based on the status of the future, plus update them when it changes.

Gesture Arena | Decoding Flutter. Learn about Flutter’s Gesture Arena where raw user interaction data is turned into human recognizable concepts like taps, drags, and pinches.

Applying DevOps in #Flutter mobile development. By Majud Hajian. Adopting DevOps in mobile app development can be a game-changer and ensures teams become more productive in terms of execution and collaboration. #flutter is known for its fast and practical development experience, which is a great candidate to deliver your applications quicker to your customer. However, there are many challenges while developing a mobile app for Android and iOS, such as automatically bumping build or release versions, running tests, checking code coverage, formatting, code signing, sharing keys among team members effortlessly, and writing changelogs, and more. These are just some repetitive, time-consuming tasks that may lead to inconsistency. In this talk, I will demonstrate several approaches and tools to address the issues above.

Humpday Q&A/AMA with Roman Jaquez :: 16th November 2022. Roman Jaquez answers questions about Flutter, Dart, and the Flutter community.


msix A command-line tool that create Msix installer from your flutter windows-build files.

beamer A routing package built on top of Router and Navigator’s pages API, supporting arbitrary nested navigation, guards and more.

oauth2 A client library for authenticating with a remote service via OAuth2 on behalf of a user, and making authorized HTTP requests with the user’s OAuth2 credentials.

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