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Newsletter Issue 163

April 03, 2023

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Flutter in 2023: strategy and roadmap. The Flutter team shares their vision for the future of Flutter, giving us a more in deep look at the Flutter roadmap. It all started with the Flutter Forward event. Now, we have a more detailed document. Some highlights:

  • The strategy is based on 6 pillars: Performance, Interoperability, Portability, Ecosystem, Security, and Fundamentals.
  • Better performance across the board is a priority for the team.
  • Improve the support for all platforms, especially web, and desktop.
  • Support more architectures, especially ARM and RISC-V.
  • On the web, the primary target is WebAssembly, specifically the emerging work around support for garbage-collected languages known as WasmGC.
  • Improve the tooling and the developer experience.
  • An interesting fact is that there are 15,000 games published to the Play Store using Flutter, representing 59% growth over the last twelve months.

It’s great to see the Flutter team sharing their vision for the future of Flutter. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Flutter.


Building a Flutter app? Avoid these common mistakes for a seamless experience.. Shirsh Shukla shares best practices and recommendations for building Flutter apps.

Mastering List Manipulation in Flutter: Tips and Tricks. Lists are everywhere. Brian Mutinda shares some tips and tricks for list manipulation in Flutter.


Stream Chat and Feeds is the easiest way to connect messaging and activity feeds to your Flutter app. With high-level UI components (widgets), you can integrate with the Stream Chat API with minimal coding. Or use our low-level components to have complete control over your chat and feed experience.

Try Stream Chat and Feeds free for 30 days. No Credit Card required.

State Restoration of Flutter App. Karol Wrótniak teaches us how to preserve the state of Flutter apps when the system decides to kill them.

Master Scrolling in Flutter: Part:1. Scrolling is an important part of every app out there. Cavin Macwan shares how scrolling works in Flutter and how to implement it.


Flutter, Dart, and WASM-GC: A new model for Web applications by Kevin Moore @ Wasm I/O 2023. Support for garbage collection within WebAssembly (WASM-GC) will bring a host of new languages and frameworks to the web app space. Learn how the Dart and Flutter teams at Google are building on WASM-GC (among other upcoming standards) to bring richer, faster, more consistent applications to the web.

firebase_storage (Package of the Week). If you’re building an app that uses a lot of images or other assets, then you’ll need a service to store all your files. Firebase’s Cloud Storage is a tool that integrates with Flutter to do just that.

Building High-performance Apps. A Flutter expert, Ashita Prasad teaches us how to use Flutter DevTools to build high performance applications.

Humpday Q&A/AMA :: 29th March 2023 :: #HumpdayQandA #Flutter #FlutterCommunity. Weekly Humpday Q&A/AMA. Join Simon, Scott and Randal and community guests answering your #Flutter and #Dart questions!


firebase_storage Flutter plugin for Firebase Cloud Storage, a powerful, simple, and cost-effective object storage service for Android and iOS.

flutter_easyloading A clean and lightweight loading/toast widget for Flutter, Easy to use without context, Support iOS、Android and Web.

upgrader Flutter package for prompting users to upgrade when there is a newer version of the app in the store.

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