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Newsletter Issue 164

April 10, 2023

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Ubuntu 23.04 ‘Lunar Lobster’ beta is here in all its glitchy glory. The latest version of Ubuntu uses the Subiquity installer, based on Flutter, which is a new graphical installer that is designed to be more user-friendly.


Building Wear OS apps with Flutter: A very good guide. Renan Araújo show us that Flutter can run on Wear OS devices, building a simple app.


Stream Chat and Feeds is the easiest way to connect messaging and activity feeds to your Flutter app. With high-level UI components (widgets), you can integrate with the Stream Chat API with minimal coding. Or use our low-level components to have complete control over your chat and feed experience.

Try Stream Chat and Feeds free for 30 days. No Credit Card required.

Secure Your Flutter Project: The Right Way to Set Environment Variables with Compile-Time Variables. Setting and securing environment variables is a common task for developers. In this article Samuel Abada shows us how to set environment variables in Flutter and how to secure them.

How to handle one-time UI events with Bloc in Flutter. Jitka & Honza, gives us two approaches to deal with one-time UI events usign Bloc in Flutter.


Observable Flutter: Speed coding Pong. Watch as Craig writes a Pong client from scratch, using Flutter and Flame, as fast as he can!

Build an Animated App with Rive and Flutter - Episode 1. By The Flutter Way. In the first video, we will start by setting up a Flutter project and integrating Rive into it. Then, we will use Rive’s powerful design tools to create beautiful background animations using shapes and blur. We will also create a cool button animation. Next, we will focus on adding animated icons to the bottom navigation bar, which will really make your app design pop.

Build an Animated App with Rive and Flutter - Episode 2. By The Flutter Way. Welcome back to Episode 2 and this part, we’re going to create a sign-in model, as well as the custom text fields which have an icon and it’s functional. Also the rest of the elements, including the custom divider. Then finally learn how to create custom model transitions on Sign in view. Once the button animation is complete it goes up a little and the Sign in dialog slide from the top.

Build an Animated App with Rive and Flutter - Episode 3. By The Flutter Way. Hello, and welcome back to Episode 3. Now we are gonna create the loading animation, which happens a lot during sign-in. So it’s using a state machine. If any of the fields are empty, it’s going to give you an error. However, if all of the fields are filled out we will show success and also play the confetti animation.

Humpday Q&A/AMA :: 5th April 2023 :: #HumpdayQandA #Flutter #FlutterCommunity. Join Simon Lightfoot, Scott Stoll, and Randal Schwartz and special guests for another Humpday Q&A AMA live chat and coding


sqlite_async High-performance asynchronous interface for SQLite on Dart & Flutter.

enough_mail IMAP, POP3 and SMTP for email developers. Choose between a low level and a high level API for mailing. Parse and generate MIME messages. Discover email settings.

fluttersecurestorage Flutter Secure Storage provides API to store data in secure storage. Keychain is used in iOS, KeyStore based solution is used in Android.

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