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Newsletter Issue 165

April 17, 2023

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Flutter 3 Isolate vs. Compute: A Deep Dive into Concurrency in Flutter. A deep dive into the differences between Isolate and Compute in Flutter. By GeTechNews.


6 Flutter/Dart Projects from Google Dev Library to Kickstart Your Next Project. If you are looking for inspiration for your next project or want to learn more about Flutter, this is a great place to start.


Localize your flutter app with Weblate. Weblate is a free, open-source web-based translation management system that enables collaborative translation of software, documentation, and other types of content. In this tutorial, Berker teaches us how to use Weblate to localize our Flutter app.


Stream Chat and Feeds is the easiest way to connect messaging and activity feeds to your Flutter app. With high-level UI components (widgets), you can integrate with the Stream Chat API with minimal coding. Or use our low-level components to have complete control over your chat and feed experience.

Try Stream Chat and Feeds free for 30 days. No Credit Card required.

Bridging the gap: Distributed tracing for Flutter and Backend. Great tutorial by Jonas Uekötter, where he shows us how to use Flutter (for the app), dart_frog (for the backend) and Sentry (as the tool for distributed tracing), to instrument our Flutter app.

Responsiveness in Flutter, the Right Way. RotenKiwi gives us an overview of how to make our Flutter app responsive.


Level Up Your Flutter Apps with Embrace!.

Embrace is a game changer for Flutter developers. With its easy integration and powerful insights, you can track your app’s performance, identify and resolve issues, and get a window into your end-user experience with 100% of sessions captured. Sign up for a free trial to learn how Embrace can take your app to the next level!

Dart Isolates: What, Why and How!. Hardik Mehta gives an excellent overview of Dart Isolates to create more performant apps.


Introducing the Flutter Build Show. Welcome to the Flutter Build Show. Watch as Google engineers build and explain complicated features to help you unlock the full potential of your apps. The Flutter Build Show aims to get you from zero to hero on a given topic as efficiently as possible.

Observable Flutter: Slow-coding Pong. Watch as Craig Labenz is joined by Flame’s creator, Lukas Klingsbo (@spydon) to touch up last week’s hasty Pong implementation and discuss Flame best practices.

flutter_animate (Package of the Week). Use the flutter_animate package to quickly add beautiful, customizable, pre-built animations to your Flutter app.

How to use Hive with Flutter. This is how to use hive with Flutter. Hive can allow you to save data locally using classes.


dart_code_metrics Software analytics tool that helps developers analyze and improve software quality.

responsive_framework Easily make Flutter apps responsive. Automatically adapt UI to different screen sizes. Responsiveness made simple.

flutter_markdown A Markdown renderer for Flutter. Create rich text output, including text styles, tables, links, and more, from plain text data formatted with simple Markdown tags.

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