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Newsletter Issue 166

April 24, 2023

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Amplify for Flutter V1.0.0 General Availability. AWS Amplify has released expanded support to web and desktop for Authentication, API, Analytics, and Storage. One codebase - 6 Platforms. Written fully in Dart for a consistent experience across all platforms.

Rive GameKit. Exciting news! Now you can build 2D games with Rive and Flutter.


Build a ChatGPT-Powered Chatbot With Flutter. ChatGPT is everywhere, including Flutter. Joshua de Guzman shows us how to build a chatbot with Flutter and the ChatGPT API.


Stream Chat and Feeds is the easiest way to connect messaging and activity feeds to your Flutter app. With high-level UI components (widgets), you can integrate with the Stream Chat API with minimal coding. Or use our low-level components to have complete control over your chat and feed experience.

Try Stream Chat and Feeds free for 30 days. No Credit Card required.

How to Use Mixin to Create Reusable Multi Selection Logic. Burhanuddin Rashid shows us how to use Mixin to create reusable multi-selection logic for lists, making adding multi-selection to any list easy.

Creating Hyperlinks in Flutter widgets. Marc shows us how to create hyperlinks in several ways and launch them in the browser, in the same app, or in a third-party application.


Level Up Your Flutter Apps with Embrace!.

Embrace is a game changer for Flutter developers. With its easy integration and powerful insights, you can track your app’s performance, identify and resolve issues, and get a window into your end-user experience with 100% of sessions captured. Sign up for a free trial to learn how Embrace can take your app to the next level!

QR Auto Login with Flutter. Great tutorial by Mariano Zorrilla, showing how to use a simple QR code to auto-login to your app just using Firebase.


GAMESTREAM - A FLUTTER MULTIPLAYER GAME ENGINE. By Jerome Saltmarsh. In this video I will demonstrate the multiplayer gaming platform I created called gamestream. The entire system is built in the dart programming language the front end using the google flutter framework. I opened sourced the underlying render engine ‘lemon-engine’.

How to build a RenderObject. In this episode, go behind the scenes with RenderObjects and learn when, why, and how to write your own.

Flutter Undo Delete Action . By Coding Orbit. Hey Guys, in this Flutter video “Flutter Undo Delete Action” I will show you how to implement an undo action in your Flutter app. You will learn how to implement undo functionality, along with implementing a count down timer for the undo action to be executed within in Flutter.

Humpday Q&A/AMA with Remi and John :: 19th April 2023 :: #HumpdayQandA #Flutter #FlutterCommunity. Join our experts Remi Rousselet, John Wiese, Randal Schwartz, Simon Lightfoot and Scott Stoll answering #Flutter and #Dart questions!


qr_flutter QR.Flutter is a Flutter library for simple and fast QR code rendering via a Widget or custom painter.

fluttertoast Toast Library for Flutter, Easily create toast messages in single line of code.

query_stack A simple yet powerful state management that makes fetching, caching, synchronizing and updating state in your Flutter applications a breeze.

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