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Newsletter Issue 18

December 23, 2019

Happy holidays!


Google’s updates Flutter to advance ambient computing. How Flutter’s vision is expanding towards ambient computing.

The 14 most important design ideas of the decade, according to the experts. See Flutter/Dart in Fast Company’s 14 most important design ideas of the decade


VS Code Flutter Files. This extension allows quickly scaffold flutter BLoC templates in VS Code project.

Flutter Snap. An extensive snap tool/widget for Flutter that allows very flexible snap management and snapping between your widgets.


Dynamic Links With Flutter and Firebase. A fantastic tutorial by Albert Oboh. Dynamic Links are Links that can open your mobile apps on iOS or Android if they are installed on the device. If not, it opens the app on the AppStore or PlayStore, or a web app if the link is opened on a desktop.

In this three-part series Richard Shepherd takes us from a Stateless widget to persist data locally all the way to a Cloud-based data persistent approach:

Displaying Photos From Your Photo Library in Flutter Applications. Mohammad Azam teaches us how to access the photo library from an app.

Writing custom platform-specific code. Sometimes we overlook the documentation, but the Flutter team has done a fantastic job on the Flutter documentation. This guide addresses using the platform channel mechanism if you need to use the platform’s APIs or libraries in Java/Kotlin/Objective-C or Swift.

Flutter Animation : Creating medium’s clap animation in flutter. Great tutorial by Kartik Sharma on how to reproduce the Medium clap animation in Flutter.

Understanding Flutter hot reload and hot restart the simplest way. These two concepts get mixed up a lot. In this great tutorial by Cynthia Peter, we learn the difference once and for all.


Dart extension methods. Dart is adding a new feature called Extension Methods. It’s one of the features that you can live without, but it does make some things very convenient. Learn more now!

What’s great about Flutter?. By Andrea Bizzotto. This video offers a detailed, high-level overview of Flutter. It evaluates Flutter from a number of different criteria so that you know what to expect as you progress in your Flutter learning journey.

Flutter - The Framework of 2020 (Mobile, Web, Desktop & Beyond). Flutter is getting better day by day, and its popularity is on the rise. What can you expect to happen to the Flutter & Dart world in the upcoming year 2020? Is this framework going to be the trend even for the upcoming decade?

CupertinoActionSheet (Flutter Widget of the Week). Are you building an iOS-style app that needs to present the user with a list of options for what to do next? CupertinoActionSheet is the widget for you!


fluttersecurestorage Flutter Secure Storage provides API to store data in secure storage. Keychain is used in iOS, KeyStore based solution is used in Android. - Github.

table_calendar Highly customizable, feature-packed Flutter Calendar with gestures, animations and multiple formats. - Github.

oktoast A pure flutter toast library Support custom style/widget. Easy to use. You can use this library to achieve the same effect as Android toast. - Github.

App of the Week

Grey. An open-source Material designed music player developed in Flutter.