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Newsletter Issue 26

February 17, 2020

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Improving Flutter with your opinion — Q4 2019 survey results. Learn what the best features and the pain points of Flutter are. One of the results is that 93% of respondents are positively satisfied with Flutter, kudos to the Flutter team, and the community!.

The top 45 must-follow Flutter experts on Twitter. By CodeMagic. Who to follow in the Flutter community.


Flutter Gradients. A curated collection of awesome gradients made in Dart for Flutter.

Dartpad Generator. Introducing Dartpad Generator, to easily share Dartpad snippets without any hassles. Dartpad Generator can be accessed via Mobile app, CommandLine App, or VSCode Extension.


Flutter, Fastlane, and Firebase App Distribution. An amazing tutorial by Ryan Edge. In this tutorial, he explains step by step how to use Firebase App Distribution, Fastlane, and some Azure DevOps for CI.

Get Fluttered : Postman Animation. In this tutorial by Manas Gupta, we learn how to create the Postman initial animation.

Advanced Flutter: Matrix4 And Perspective Transformations. A great tutorial by Deven Joshi, here we learn how to use the Matrix4 class to do some cools transformations and give perspective to our Flutter apps.

Flutter — Shadows & glows. Practical and useful tutorial by Thomas Middel. Here we learn how to add shadows and glows to your Flutter widgets and text.

Credit Card Slider — Flutter. A fantastic tutorial by TheBoringDeveloper on how to create a slider of cards with rotation to give your apps a little more style.


Starter Architecture for Flutter & Firebase Apps. By Code With Andrea. In this tutorial I give a detailed overview of a production-ready architecture that I’ve fine-tuned over the last two years. You can use the included starter project as the foundation for your Flutter & Firebase apps.

Rive Nodes. A Node is the simplest type of object in Rive. It has transform properties (translation, rotation, and scale) and can be a parent or child of other objects. Every object in Rive (images, bones, etc) is an extension of the Node object, with additional properties.

Flutter File Upload - Pick, Crop, and Save Images to the Cloud. Upload files with Flutter and Firebase Cloud Storage 🔥🗃️. Learn how to pick, crop, and upload images to a cloud storage bucket.


synchronized Lock mechanism to prevent concurrent access to asynchronous code. - Github.

watcher A file system watcher. It monitors changes to contents of directories and sends notifications when files have been added, removed, or modified. - Github.

chewie A video player for Flutter with Cupertino and Material play controls. - Github.

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Toughest. Interview questions and answers for preparation, build in pure Flutter also have CI implementation for learning.