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Newsletter Issue 36

April 27, 2020

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Flutter Spring 2020 Update. A lot of good statistics and changes for Flutter, Among the more relevant we have:

  • 50000+ Flutter apps published in the Play Store.
  • New release cycle and versioning for Flutter and Dart
  • Expect a new stable release for this week.

Why Mobile App Makers Love Flutter. This is an excellent article by Vitaly Kuprenko. If you still need to convince someone to use Flutter, just send this link.

Introducing Google Fonts for Flutter v 1.0.0!. Google Fonts package is now out of beta and ready to use in production apps.


Device Preview for Flutter Approximate how your app looks and performs on another device.

Rosetta. This is a localization library to simplify Flutter localization with the help of code generation. It generates getter functions for the localized keyset, so you don’t have to worry about typos in String keys anymore.


Animation deep dive. A fantastic tutorial by Filip Hracek on everything you want to know about Flutter animations.

Firebase Hosting for Flutter Web Projects in 4 easy steps. What to do when you finish your Flutter web project?. In this tutorial by Mahtab Tadayon, you learn how to host your Flutter web project in Firebase.

Notifications in Flutter. Notifications are an essential tool to communicate with your users. In this tutorial by Greg Perry, you will learn how to create and manage notifications in Flutter for Android and iOS.

Change Application Name and Icon in Flutter project(Android and iOS). This is a step by step tutorial by Vaibhavi Rana on this cumbersome problem.

Async Programming in Flutter With Streams. Streams are a great tool in Flutter. In this tutorial by Albert Oboh, you will learn how to get started with streams and get the most of it.

How to draw and animate designs with Flutter CustomPaint Widget. In this tutorial by Souvik Biswas, we will learn how to make animations in Flutter with the CustomPaint Widget.


Custom page transitions (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 37). In this episode, Fitz makes his Boring Show debut with Filip. Continuing with the Hacker News App, they add custom page transitions, using PageRouteBuilder.

Nubank (Flutter Developer Stories). Nubank is the largest digital bank outside Asia with over 20 million customers. After conducting a detailed investigation and analysis of their choices for app development, Nubank selected Flutter. Since making the change, Nubank has been able to unify their front-end development team on a single framework, enabling them to ship new features simultaneously on both iOS and Android. See how they got started, how Flutter is being integrated in their app, and more.

Top 10 Must Know Widgets In Detail for Flutter Developers | Flutter Tutorial by RetroPortal Studio. In this video we will be talking about top Flutter Widgets that every Developer should know! These widgets are simple to use, but an in-depth look at the properties can be very helpful in finding multiple use cases for the same widgets.


stream_transform A collection of utilities to transform and manipulate streams.

sembast NoSQL persistent embedded file system document-based database for Dart VM and Flutter with encryption support.

animated_splash A lightweight package for flutter apps, that easily shows a splash screen with a nice fade animation.

App of the Week

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Beer Me Up. The app is a personal beer logging that allows you to enter every beer you have to be sure to remember them forever. Open-source made with Flutter.

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