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Newsletter Issue 39

May 18, 2020

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Announcing Adobe XD support for Flutter. Now you can export Flutter apps UIs and Widgets directly from Adobe XD. This plugin was announced on Flutter Interact last year and is finally here.

What are the important & difficult tasks for Flutter devs? — Q1 2020 survey results. The results are out!. Flutter keeps growing, and the Flutter team keeps learning where they have to put more effort.

12 Top Mobile App Ideas That Can Change the World in 2020. If you need ideas for your next app, maybe you can find it on this list by Sophia Martin.


Adobe XD plugin for Flutter. An online editor built with Flutter and Dart that runs completely on the client-side and offline on desktop and iPad.


How to Use GraphQL in Flutter. In this tutorial by Michael Krasnov teaches us how to use GraphQL in our Flutter app.

Flutter Generative Art: The Easy Way. A great tutorial by Deven Joshi on how to experiment with generative art using Flutter, including animation with some amazing results. As a bonus, he created some wallpapers for download.

Local Authentication in Flutter. In this tutorial, Anmol Gupta teaches us how to use the fingerprint sensor for authentication in our Flutter app.

Make API calls in Flutter using TDD approach. Testing is important to keep our apps robust. In this tutorial by Waleed Arshad, we learn how to apply TDD to make API calls in Flutter.

Killing gnats with Flutter and Flame. A fun tutorial by Bo Hellgren, were we learn how to make a simple game using Flutter and Flame.


Going Full Stack with Flutter Web & Cloud Functions: A Case Study. This video is a case study showing how I have used Flutter Web and Cloud Functions in one of my projects.

Flutter Navigation Rail Widget. By BK Codes. In this Flutter video we will be exploring the all new Navigation Rail Widget & also we will be implementing it in our application.

Rémi Rousselet: Reinventing provider. From FlutterLDN. Together, we will briefly see the limitations of provider, then proceed to try and fix them by changing how provider works.

Dominik Roszkowski: Convenient internationalization of Flutter apps. From FlutterLDN. n this talk you’ll learn fundamentals of internationalization in Flutter. You’ll see how to quickly and safely add i18n to your Flutter app and combine this with several translation providers.


badges A flutter package for creating badges. Badges can be used for an additional marker for any widget, e.g. show a number of items in a shopping cart.

app_settings A Flutter plugin for opening iOS and Android phone settings from an app.

multi_image-picker Flutter plugin that allows you to display multi image picker on iOS and Android.

App of the Week

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Flutter Planet Simulator. Another CodePen this week, this time, is a planet simulator made in Flutter.

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