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Newsletter Issue 42

June 08, 2020

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Mobile and web application costs 2020. In this article by Rody Davis Jr, he analyzes the costs associated with building a mobile app. From servers and databases to deployment.


Flutter - From Zero to Hero. A free Flutter course with 50 lessons.


Moving to Visual Studio Code from Android Studio. In this tutorial by Suragch, we learn how he made the transition from Android Studio to vscode.

Flutter 1.17 — no more Flavors, no more iOS Schemas. Command argument that changes everything. A great tutorial by Denis Beketsky. Here, we learn how to use compile-time variables in our apps. A feature available since Flutter 1.17.

Yet another localization approach in Flutter. A fantastic tutorial by Anna Domashych. Here we learn another approach to add language localization to our Flutter apps.

Writing Flutter plugin package. In this great two-part tutorial by Kristian Tuusjarvi, he explains how to create a Flutter plugin for Android and iOS:


Shelf Dart Tutorial | Compose Web Servers with ease. In this video tutorial we will learn how to compose servers with the shelf package. Shelf allows you to define simple functions that run during the request/response lifecycle to handle that process in some way.

Flutter Firebase & DDD Course [12] - Note Value Objects. By Reso Coder. From the previous part, we know which business rules occur in the notes feature of the app and we’ve already created the failures used to let the user know when such rules are not being followed. How can we enforce these rules though? Well, with validation and value objects.

Flutter UI Tutorial - Designing Book Library App UI Design | UI Exploration Uplabs. By Abdul Aziz Ahwan. In this video, we are going to learn Flutter from basic with best practice. Which we are going to create a Modern Book App UI Design Uplabs. In this section, we will implement many widgets and concepts, such as Stack, Flutter SVG, Navigator, and Google Fonts, Custom Widget, and much more.


timeline_tile A package to help you build highly customizable timelines with Flutter.

maps A cross-platform geographic maps package. Supports Apple MapKit, Bing Maps, and Google Maps. Works in all platforms supported by Flutter, including browsers.

code_builder A fluent, builder-based library for generating valid Dart code.

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This week another code pen. This time is a colorful Origami made with Flutter.

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