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Newsletter Issue 44

June 22, 2020

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Flutter and Desktop Apps. The Flutter team has been busy bringing first-class support for desktop. Now on the latest version of Flutter there is a release mode for Windows and Linux. In this article, Tim Sneath gives us a summary of all the features of Flutter for desktop.


Flutter Developer Roadmap 2020. The purpose of this roadmap is to help beginners to become a complete Flutter Developers and also to help skilled developers to improve their knowledge.


Automation Flutter with GitHub Actions & Firebase App Distribution. A great tutorial by Shaiq khan on how to automate your app distribution to test users.

Building an end-to-end system in dart using grpc* & flutter(Part 1). REST and GraphQL are not the only ways to communicate with your backend. In this tutorial by Bett Dougie we learn how to use grpc on our Flutter apps.

Efficiently making HTTP calls in Flutter. Deepak Ramrakhyani

Dive into Firebase Auth on Flutter: Email and Link Sign-in. In this tutorial by Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz, we learn how to setup different authentication methods with Firebase Auth and Flutter.

Flutter State Management with Mobx and Providers : Change App Theme Dynamically. This tutorial by Ilias Yahia is a good introduction to how to use Mobx state management in Flutter.


Improve your Flutter Apps performance with a RepaintBoundary. The RepaintBoundary is a widget every Flutter developer needs to know. Using it is simple, however identifying when to use it and whether it is needed is not as simple. Join me in this video as we take a look at a number of examples to identify when a RepaintBoundary is appropriate and visualize the performance improvements that a RepaintBoundary provides.

Movie Info App - Flutter UI - Speed Code. Nice Clean Movie info app #UI using #Flutter. We design two pages one is the home page which has a nice carousel and another one is the movie info page that will help you to design clear interfaces for the movie app faster and easier.

Flutter Essentials - Learn to make apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux (Full Course). Learn Flutter with this tutorial course for beginners. Learn how to build natively compiled applications for mobile (Android & iOS), web, and desktop from a single codebase.


gql GraphQL tools for parsing, transforming and printing GraphQL documents.

universal_html A ‘dart:html’ that works in all platforms, including Flutter and server-side. Eases cross-platform development and other HTML / XML processing.

avatar_glow A Flutter package providing a Avatar Glow Widget with cool background glowing animation.

App of the Week

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Friends Tournament. Friends Tournament is the perfect manager for tournaments with your friends. You can use Friends Tournament to generate videogames tournament, sports tournament, board games tournament, whatever type of tournament do you want. Made with Flutter. Open-source.

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