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Newsletter Issue 52

August 17, 2020

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Flutter architectural overview. If you want to know what makes Flutter ticks, this is the article for you. Part of Flutter’s documentation this article provides a high-level overview of the architecture of Flutter, including the core principles and concepts that form its design.


Flutter Architecture Blueprints. This is an open-source project that introduces MVVM architecture, and project structure approaches to developing Flutter apps.


Run Flutter e2e tests on Travis CI. Integration tests are a fundamental part of a great production app. In this tutorial by Panmari, we learn how to make this test to run continuously on Travis with a little help from Firebase Test Lab.

How to implement a calculator in Flutter. Marc Gerken introduces a great introduction for Flutter beginners on how to create a Calculator app and learn a lot of concepts on the way.

Adding Android TV support to your Flutter App. A fantastic tutorial by Mushthaq Mohammed on how to add Android TV support to your Flutter app enables navigation using the remote control.

Obfuscating Dart code. Part of the Flutter documentation on how to make it more difficult for an attacker to reverse engineer your proprietary app.


Byteconf Flutter 2020 - Remote #flutterdev Conference (LIVE STREAM). This past week was the Byteconf Flutter 2020 online conference. This is the complete Live Stream.

(Ep 52) How To Add A Custom Splash Screen To iOS & Android Apps Using Flutter. By 1ManStartup. In this video, you’ll see how to configure a custom splash screen (also called a launch screen) for both iOS and Android devices. The splash screen will be a simple static image of our app icon, but you can have that image contain anything you like.

Flutter Firebase Setup for Power Users. By Fireship. Building an app for iOS and Android? This guide will get you up and running with Flutter & Firebase, plus a few optional superpowers for serious app developers.


flutter-form-builder. Package to build Material Form with fields like TextField, DropDown, Switches etc. with ability to create custom FormFields and composability and reuse validation functions.

smart_reply Generate relevant replies to messages using MLKit with an on-device model so no messages are sent to a server.

graphview GraphView is used to display data in graph structures. It can display Tree layout and Directed graph. Useful for Family Tree, Hierarchy View.

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