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Newsletter Issue 61

October 19, 2020

Remember comment, rate, claps, or any other recognition that you want to those who write these fantastic articles, tutorials, packages, and videos.

If you have any remote conference about Flutter or Dart that you want me to share, please send a message on Twitter @fluttertap. Also, if you have any important message, I will do my best to share it. We have to help each other in this situation.

Are you building something in Flutter this month? Please share it with me on twitter @fluttertap.


Bloc: From First Commit to Flutter Favorite. Great article by Felix Angelov, discover the behind the scenes of what it’s like to build one of the most popular Flutter’s extensions.

Announcing: Flutter Community Plus Plugins. The Plus Plugins are a suite of open-source Flutter plugins that take some of the most common existing packages to the next level!. Check it out!.


Add in-game notifications to Flutter game. Another great tutorial by Dmytro Gladkyi, here we learn how to add no spammy notifications with sound in a game.

How to publish your first Flutter Package!. Making and publishing a package is an excellent way of contributing to the community. In this tutorial, AbhishekDoshi26 shows us how to publish a package to

Testable Flutter and Cloud Firestore. A fantastic tutorial by Craig Labenz. Here we learn how to persist all activity to Cloud Firestore while maintaining our logic and UI separated to make testing easier.

Infinite Scrolling Pagination in Flutter. Amazing tutorial by Edson Bueno, here we learn how to implement infinite scrolling pagination (also known as lazy loading) in Flutter using the Infinite Scroll Pagination package.

Simple Flutter app architecture: the Provider way. Bevan Steele introduces how to set up a simple architecture using Provider as our state management solution in this tutorial.


Fighting Panic Attacks with Game Development in Flutter - Sakina Abbas. In this session, you will learn how to harness Flutter to build the most minimalistic yet impactful and addicting game in just a couple of hours. Learn how to leverage the sweet suite of tools Flutter provides, and how Flutter can help you build your game with minimal efforts!

Building a Movie App in 10 Minutes with Flutter. Calling API’s and adding error handling can be hard. That is why we make it easy using Riverpod and Dio! You will learn how to handle errors, making API requests and all this while creating an app!

How to use Flutter Navigator 2.0? | Warning: it’s complicated. The new Navigator 2.0 is a little confusing, with the new Navigator and Pages widgets. Is the new navigator an imperative or declarative programming? What is imperative or declarative?.Therefore, this video will these questions and show you how to refactor your Flutter project from a default navigator, to the new one.


flutter_sequencer A Flutter plugin for sequencing audio. Use it to build sequences of notes and play them back using sampler instruments. Supports looping.

mainstream A StreamBuilder alternative that provides builder and event callbacks.

clean_settings Settings UI generator with sane defaults. Removes the need for boilerplate code and provides a rich set of highly opinionated widgets.

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