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Newsletter Issue 65

November 23, 2020

Remember comment, rate, claps, or any other recognition that you want to those who write these fantastic articles, tutorials, packages, and videos.

If you have any remote conference about Flutter or Dart that you want me to share, please send a message on Twitter @fluttertap. Also, if you have any important message, I will do my best to share it. We have to help each other in this situation.

Are you building something in Flutter this month? Please share it with me on twitter @fluttertap.


Announcing Dart null safety beta. Great news! Dart is every day closer to be a null safe language. If you are the author of a pub package, it’s time to update!

I Moved From Xamarin Forms To Flutter. An excellent article by Lew C on how was the transition between Xamarin Forms and Flutter.

My experience on Null-Safety for Simple Animations and Supercharged. Talking about null safety in this article Felix Blaschke tells us about the migration process of two packages.


Navigating Navigator 2.0 with Flow Builder. A great tutorial by Felix Angelov on how to use Flow Builder with Navigator 2.0, with a declarative API, allowing you to decouple the routing logic from the UI.

Flutter Internationalization done right. A fantastic tutorial by Harshvardhan Shinde on how to apply internationalization and localization to your Flutter app.

Gradients In Flutter:The Ultimate Guide. Everything you want to know about Gradients in Flutter.

How to use Freezed with Flutter. In this tutorial by Paul Halliday, we learn how to use the freezed package to reduce the boilerplate to create immutable code.


Dev Fest LATAM - Null safety in Dart. Dart is becoming null safe. In this video, we introduce the foundations of Dart null safety, cover how it plays out in Dart, share some live coding demos, and discuss soundness, migration, and more!

GridView (Widget of the Week). Need to put items in a grid without having to use complex Row and Column combinations? GridView let’s you do just that! Learn how to set up your grid and add spacing between items with the GridView.count constructor.

Flutter Tutorial - Google SignIn With Firebase. How to use Google SignIn in your Flutter apps.

Top 16 Dart Tips and Tricks Every Flutter Developer Should Know. In this tutorial I share 16 Dart top tips that will improve your coding style as a Flutter developer. You can use them to write more concise and effective code, and make the most of the Dart language.


international_phone-field Validating numbers and providing necessary detail base on selected country.

sentry_flutter Sentry SDK for Flutter. This package aims to support different Flutter targets by relying on the many platforms supported by Sentry with native SDKs.

story_designer A package for creating instagram like story, you can use this package to edit images and make it story ready by adding other contents over it like text.

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