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Newsletter Issue 68

December 14, 2020

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If you have any remote conference about Flutter or Dart that you want me to share, please send a message on Twitter @fluttertap. Also, if you have any important message, I will do my best to share it. We have to help each other in this situation.

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Updates on Flutter Testing. Integration tests are an important part of a high-quality app, but at the same time, they are challenging to implement. Now we have a new version of the integration_test plugin with a simpler API and support for Firebase Test Lab, allowing us to run tests on hundreds of different devices.

Flutter - a modern declarative UI toolkit. In this article by Iain Smith, he talks about Flutter’s approach as a declarative UI and how he sees it coming from a native developer experience.


Flutter Animated Series (Animated Align). In this tutorial by Murtaza Sulaihi, we learn how to use the Animated Align widget to transition its children from one position to another.

Flutter Essentials: Forms. Forms are an essential part of almost every app. In this tutorial by Taranjit Singh, we learn how to create and validate our forms, using two methods, controlled driven fields and the form widget.

Flutter Web and WASM. Web Assembly is a powerful technology. Learn how to use it with Flutter in this tutorial by Aseem Wangoo.

Flutter: Faking/stubbing backend responses. Sometimes it is useful to mock our backend when we are testing, or we don’t have a backend yet, or maybe we are developing offline. In this tutorial by Pavel Sulimau, we learn how to do it in our Flutter app.


Keeping it local: Managing a Flutter app’s data. Data locality can make or break your app’s performance. Sometimes storing data in the cloud isn’t feasible. Or sometimes data needs to be kept locally for caching or until the user’s on a reliable internet connection. Here, we’ll explore strategies and methods for storing data locally. We start from simple key/value stores and work our way up into more complex persistence mechanisms.

Flutter Performance Tips for Fast Apps. Flutter documentation specifies some performance tips and things to look out for when creating an App. We go over the tips, and hopefully help you debug any problems that you can encounter with a Flutter app.

Flutter Tutorial - IgnorePointer & AbsorbPointer. Learn more about the differences between the IgnorePointer and the AbsorbPointer in Flutter.

Working With JSON In Dart + Flutter - 25 Days Of Flutter. Learn how to handle basic json in Dart and Flutter.


integration_test This package enables self-driving testing of Flutter code on devices and emulators. It adapts fluttertest results into a format that is compatible with flutter drive and native Android instrumentation testing. [](

source_span is a library for tracking locations in source code. It’s designed to provide a standard representation for source code locations and spans so that disparate packages can easily pass them among one another, and to make it easy to generate human-friendly messages associated with a given piece of code.

flutter_easyloading A clean and lightweight loading/toast widget for Flutter, easy to use without context, support iOS、Android and Web.

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