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Newsletter Issue 72

January 25, 2021

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If you have any remote conference about Flutter or Dart that you want me to share, please send a message on Twitter @fluttertap. Also, if you have any important message, I will do my best to share it. We have to help each other in this situation.

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Dart and the performance benefits of sound types. Usually, Dart doesn’t get as much attention as Flutter, but we wouldn’t be able to build amazing apps without it. In this article, Vijay Menon talks about the advantages of the soundness of Dart’s new versions. Sound null safety will allow us to generate faster and smaller code.


On-Device Machine Learning: Train And Run TensorFlow Lite Models In Your Flutter Apps. An excellent tutorial by Yashwardhan Deshmukh. Here we learn how to use a Tensorflow model on our Flutter app.

Flutter: How to measure Widgets. In this tutorial, Shawn explains everything you want to know about how to measure a Widget size, a great resource when you are working with responsive apps or complex layouts.

Building a Realtime Cryptocurrency App with Flutter. Great tutorial where we learn how to build a Realtime Cryptocurrency app from scratch. Here we learn about charts, streams, build a chat, and much more.

The Software Engineering approach in Cross-Platform Programming with Flutter a two-part tutorial by Ali Yazdi. Here we learn an approach to structure our Flutter apps:

  1. The Software Engineering approach in Cross-Platform Programming with Flutter (Part 1).
  2. The Software Engineering approach in Cross-Platform Programming with Flutter (Part 2).


Flutter web Google Sign In 2021 Update. Hwo to do Google Sign in in your Flutter app.

Automate your Testing on Devices with Flutter Integration Testing. The tip of the testing pyramid and the highest level of automation is included inside of the Flutter Integration Testing. The integration Tests allows to mimic user behaviour and uses a real physical device to execute the tests. Thanks to the execution of a real device you get the highest amount of certainty that your application works correctly.

Flutter Tutorial - Switch & Animate Between Pages (For Beginners). Learn how to switch & animate between pages with the fade through animation in Flutter.


simple_animations Powerful package to create beautiful custom animations in no time.

feature_discovery Feature discovery to show a description of specific features to new users.

progressive_image A flutter widget which progressively loads larger images using Low Quality Image Placeholders.

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