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Newsletter Issue 78

March 08, 2021

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This edition of FlutterTap will be a little more extended than usual because of all the announcements on Flutter Engage. I hope that you enjoy it!.

Flutter Engage was amazing with the announcement of Flutter 2.0, among the new features, news and more we have:

  • Web and desktop (early release) in the stable channel.
  • Sound null safety for all your apps.
  • Google Mobile Adds to Beta. Are you ready to monetize your apps?
  • 178 PRs merged for iOS.
  • New iOS widgets CupertinoSearchTextField, CupertinoFormSection, CupertinoFormRow, and CupertinoTextFormFieldRow.
  • New widgets AutocompleteCore and ScaffoldMessenger.
  • Flutter Fix to help you update your apps.
  • Improvements for Flutter DevTools.
  • Updates for Android Studio/IntelliJ Extension and Visual Studio Code Extension.
  • DartPad updated to support Flutter 2.
  • Over 150,000 apps made with Flutter.
  • Toyota is building infotainment systems powered by Flutter.

So to recap now you have support for 6 platforms on Flutter; Android, iOS, Web, macOS, Windows, Linux, Embedded. What are you waiting for to start building?


What’s New in Flutter 2. If you missed Flutter Engage or you don’t remember all. Start here!. Chris Sells gives us a great summary of everything new with Flutter 2.0.

Announcing Dart 2.12. Now available, with sound null safety and stable FFI.

Ubuntu Makes Flutter ‘Default Choice’ for Future Desktop Apps. I think this line from Canonical’s Ken Van Dine said it all. “Flutter is the default choice for future mobile and desktop apps created by Canonical”.

Announcing Flutter support for foldable devices. Microsoft is working with the Flutter’s team to bring support for foldable screens. It’s still on preview, but great news for multiple screen device support.

Flutter web support hits the stable milestone. Marian Hasnany shows us all the work behind Flutter web support’s stable release and what we can expect in the future.

Tools Is a site that tests the compatibility of Flutter and Dart packages available on with different Flutter versions developed by Codemagic and the Flutter’s team. You can see what’s behind in this blog post.

Flutter Fix to help you update your apps.


New Material buttons in Flutter. Long go are the days of the Flat and Raised button. In this tutorial by Pinkesh Darji we learn about the new Flutter’s button widgets and how to customize them.

CI/CD for Flutter is a piece of cake with Fastlane and Codemagic. I think that deployment to production is one of the developer’s least favorites things in the world. In this tutorial, Maks Majer shows us how to make this process less painful using Fastlane and Codemagic’s CI/CD solution.

Three things you didn’t know about exception handling in Dart and Flutter. An in-deep article by Artem Goncharov about everything you want to know about exceptions handling in Dart and Flutter.

Navigation 2.0 - Routing On Flutter Web. Vishal Singh teaches us how to sync web URLs with Flutter pages and handle navigation on the web using Flutter.


Top 10 things you need to know about Flutter Engage. Looking for the TL;DR of Flutter Engage? Never fear, we’ve got you covered with the top 10 things you need to know from the launch of Flutter 2. Keep watching for the major announcements, special guests, and a few surprises from this year’s keynote presentation.

Flutter Engage Playlist. The Flutter community from around the world gathered for this special online event featuring a keynote covering exciting news, demos and features coming to Flutter, an #AskFlutter live Q&A, and breakout sessions.

Flutter Engage Community Talks Playlist. Hear from members of the global Flutter community as they dive into all things Flutter. Learn new skills, strategies, and tips for Flutter development and design.

How I built a Flutter Forms Generator. By FilledStacks. In this video I go over how I built the flutter form generator for the stacked package.

Flutter Tutorial - In App Rating For AppStore & PlayStore - Rate My App. With the Flutter In App Rating, you can redirect the user to the Playstore & AppStore to leave a review & to rate your Flutter app.


This week Flutter Favorites packages:

built_collection Immutable collections based on the SDK collections. Each SDK collection class is split into a new immutable collection class and a corresponding mutable builder class.

flutter_bloc Flutter Widgets that make it easy to implement the BLoC (Business Logic Component) design pattern. Built to be used with the bloc state management package.

flutter_mobx Flutter integration for MobX. It provides a set of Observer widgets that automatically rebuild when the tracked observables change.

rxdart RxDart is an implementation of the popular reactiveX api for asynchronous programming, leveraging the native Dart Streams api.

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