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Newsletter Issue 8

October 13, 2019

Happy Birthday Dart.


Announcing verified publishers on Great news, this is a new addition to packages. I think this is a good step towards a more secure and more high-quality package.

Flutter Tutorial: Organizing Your Flutter App. A good tutorial by Scott Stoll talking about a way of organizing your app code in Flutter. When you have so much freedom on how to organize, it’s good to see others’ opinions on the matter.


Time.dart. Type-safe time calculations, powered by extensions.

A Dart code generator that converts Figma components to Flutter widgets.. This is a very experimental, early stages tool, but it still is a great idea. Github.


Understanding Provider in Diagrams. A fantastic three parts tutorial by Joseph T. Lapp. That goes deep into state management with the provider package. The diagrams help to understand better how it works:

Show clean log messages in Flutter using logger. Logs are an essential tool for any developer. In this tutorial, we learn how to create great logs using the logger package.

Flutter Internationalization the Easy Way — using Provider and JSON. A great tutorial by Mohamed Hassan Kadri. If you want to get to more users, you have to internationalize your app using multiple languages. In this tutorial, we learn how using state management with the provider package and JSON files.

Flutter Text Rendering. This is an advanced tutorial of Text rendering in Flutter. We learn how the internals work, what is behind Text and Rich Text widgets, and how to make a custom text widget.


The Best Flutter Responsive UI Setup - Part 1. A tutorial by Filledstack about how to build responsive UIs using the tools that provide Flutter to get the size, orientation, and screen type.

Isolates and multithreading in Flutter Part 2 (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 31). In this episode of the Boring Show, Filip and Andrew finish the job, and make fetching of Hacker News articles execute on a separate thread from the UI thread. The first part is here.

Top 12 Flutter Tips & Tricks. A video by Fireship. A collection of 12 tips and tricks for building efficient and maintainable Flutter apps. Learn how to use your IDE effectively, animate easily, and handle app complexity.

Design, Develop, Deliver: My Favorite Tools for Building Flutter Apps. A video by Andrea Bizzotto where he shows us an overview of the tools he uses to design, develop, and deliver my Flutter apps. So whether you are a single developer, or work in a team, these tools help you to get more stuff done, with less effort.


logger Small, easy to use and extensible logger which prints beautiful logs. Github.

file_picker A package that allows you to use a native file explorer to pick single or multiple absolute file paths, with extension filtering support. Github.

after_layout Execute code after the first layout of your widget has been performed, i.e. after the first frame has been displayed. Github.

App of the Week

GoCount - Tally Counter. GoCount is a simple tally counter app that counts everything, and it’s free!. You can have multiple counters with their own names and values. Count score, count sheep, count inventory items, count drinks, etc.