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Newsletter Issue 86

May 24, 2021

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After Google I/O we have a lot of news. Let’s get to it.

The biggest news this week is that Flutter 2.2 it’s here! According to the latest report from SlashData, Flutter is now the most popular framework for cross-platform development. With over 200,000 apps in the Play Store, big companies such as BMW, SHEIN, Toyota, Canonical, Samsung, Sony, among others, have adopted Flutter.

Announcing Flutter 2.2 at Google I/O 2021. Flutter 2.2 is the best version of Flutter yet, with updates that make it easier than ever for developers to monetize their apps through in-app purchases, payments, and ads; to connect to cloud services and APIs that extend apps to support new capabilities. Also, tooling and language features allow developers to eliminate a whole class of errors, increase app performance and reduce package size.

Announcing Dart 2.13. New type aliases with additional support for any existing type, new features in Dart FFI, smaller footprint, official Docker support, and Functions Framework for Dart. Check it out!

Flutter SDK will be ready for the new ‘Material You’ design language. This is excellent news! Material You design language was announced on Google I/O, and Flutter is getting ready to bring full support for it. Actually, there is already a NavigationBar widget submitted for approval with Material You support.

Samsung is working to port Google’s Flutter SDK to Galaxy Watch and other Tizen devices. Samsung is working to make it possible for developers to create apps for Galaxy Watch, Smart TVs, and more Tizen devices with Google’s Flutter SDK.


Monarch. Monarch is a tool for Flutter developers. It makes building beautiful apps a simpler and faster experience.

Docker’s Dart Official Image. While Dart has provided Docker images for years, these new Dart images are tested and validated by Docker to follow best practices. They also support ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation, which can dramatically reduce the size of built containers and can improve the speed of deployment in container environments.


Flutter 2.2: Creating your first Universal Windows Program (UWP) with Flutter. A fantastic tutorial by Xuan Han Tan on creating the base for a UWP Windows app with Flutter.

How It’s Made: I/O Photo Booth. Amazing tutorial by Very Good Ventures Team on how they created the web app for Google I/O photobooth.


Add chat to your Flutter application in a matter of minutes! Check out version 2 of Stream’s Flutter SDK, null safe and open source. 😎. Stream’s Flutter SDK is now null safe 🥳. In this new release, developers can add Stream Chat to their application and develop with complete confidence thanks to Dart’s sound null safe system. Try it today or leave a ✨ on our repo.

Flutter UI Tutorial – How to Build a Chat App with Stories Using the Flutter SDK. In this excellent tutorial, Krissanawat teaches us how to create a good-looking chat UI in Flutter.

Detect the Host Platform in Flutter. A short but helpful tutorial by Aslam Mac on how to detect the different platforms supported by Flutter.


Nibble Apps is looking for a Flutter Developer for their app MealPrepProp. You can see the details here.


Top 7 Flutter things to know from Google I/O 2021. Want the highlights of the Flutter announcements from Google I/O 2021? We’ve got you covered! This recap covers what’s happened, including null safety, DevTools, and Flutter 2.2.

Building scrolling experiences in Flutter | Workshop. Learn how to build rich scrolling experiences in Flutter. We explore slivers and how they’re different from other widgets in the framework. This Codelab requires just a browser, and we use DartPad to build our UI. An intermediate experience level with Flutter is recommended for this workshop.

Cloud, Dart, and full-stack Flutter | Q&A. Experience this Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session for a roundtable discussion and Q&A on the best ways to put Dart, Google Cloud, and Flutter together.

Introducing FlutterFlow. Introducing FlutterFlow a low-code tool for building Flutter apps easier and more quickly. FlutterFlow integrates smoothly with Firebase and uses Flutter’s user interface to build apps simply.

ObjectBox - Fast Local Database for Flutter With Optional Sync Across Devices!. By Reso Coder. ObjectBox - Superfast NoSQL DB.

Flutter Tutorial - QR Code Scanner App [2021] & QR Code Generator. By Johannes Milke. Generate Flutter QR Codes to share data whereas other people use the Flutter QR Code Scanner App to retrieve this data.


snippetcoder_utils SnippetCoderUtils is a Utility package built with Flutter SDK to make Flutter development easier and more enjoyable than ever.

shelf A model for web server middleware that encourages composition and easy reuse.

dartx Superpowers for Dart. Collection of useful static extension methods.