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Newsletter Issue 96

August 02, 2021

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If you have any remote conference about Flutter or Dart that you want me to share, please send a message on Twitter @fluttertap. Also, if you have any important messages, I will do my best to share them. We have to help each other in this situation.

Are you building something in Flutter this month? Please share it with me on twitter @fluttertap.

I would like to give thanks to Stream for being this month’s Sponsor of Flutter Tap.


How to architect a production-level app in Flutter. In this article Erkan Sahin talk about his experience developing a production-level app, with some tips and decisions taken along the way.


Mastering Dart Collections. In this article Denis Crăciunescu, give us a deep dive into Dart collections, from List to SplayTreeMap.


Learn how to build a fast and beautiful chat application in Flutter. Style your chat applications to perfection using Stream chat and Flutter. Stream’s Flutter widgets are fully customizable allowing developers to quickly customize and change them to match their brand!

Dart, WASM and AssemblyScript — Oh my!. Maksim Lin gives us a great introduction to using WASM and AssemblyScript while building a Dart WASM package.

Building Custom TabBar Indicator in Flutter. A short but useful tutorial by Divyanshu Bhargava on adding a custom tab bar indicator in Flutter.


Mobile Game Dev with Flame 1.0 and Flutter 2.2 - Visual Novel Setup - Video 1. Flame 1.0 setup with Flutter to build a visual novel. This is the first introductory video for a tutorial series for beginner programmers.

Collection (Flutter Package of the Week). Tired of doing all the work on your own and just want some help dealing with lists, maps, and sets in your app? package:collection lets you check if two collections contain other collections, implement a priority queue, “Do maths”, and more!

Flutter Tutorial - How To Record Screen On iOS Simulator [2021] Mp4 Video, GIF, Screenshot. Create a Flutter app preview by recording the screen of your iOS Simulator. Create a mp4 video, gif or screenshot of your Flutter app.


shark A Flutter server rendering framework for mobile application, server-driven UI, dynamic change your interface in realtime.

octo_image A multifunctional Flutter image widget. Supports placeholders, error widgets and image transformers with fading.

ferry Is a simple, powerful GraphQL Client for Flutter and Dart.