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Newsletter Issue 172 - June 05, 2023

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A fond farewell to Flutter and Dart. Tim Sneath, the Flutter PM at Google, is leaving the Flutter team. He shares his experience and says goodbye to the community. We wish him the best of luck in his new adventure.

Why Dart May Be The Most Important Language In Programming. Andrew Zuo gives us his perspective on why Dart is a great language. A quote from the article sums it up nicely: “But at its core Dart has everything you need to make the ultimate developer experience. It may not be the best at everything, but the things it does do it does really well. And it’s getting better.”


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How It’s Made: I/O FLIP. A look at the making of the I/O Flip app by the Very Good Ventures Team. AI-generated text and images add some fun to this card game built with Flutter, Firebase, and Google Cloud.

Adding IAP to Flutter apps for Amazon Appstore. Giovanni Laquidara shows us how to integrate In-App Purchases into your Flutter app for the Amazon Appstore.

Flutter Exception Handling with try/catch and the Result type. Andrea Bizzotto shows us how to handle exceptions in Flutter using try/catch, sealed classes, and pattern matching (introduced in Dart 3) to handle errors.


Draggable (Widget of the Week). Use Draggable to move and drag your widgets around. You can use it to build UIs for things like swapping around email addresses in an email or moving documents to a new folder.

How to get started with flutter-pi. By Industrial Flutter. In this video, we’re going to set up the flutter-pi embedder on a Raspberry Pi, so we can run Flutter apps on it.

Serverpod + Flutter Tutorial #1 - Introduction and Installation. By Mobterest Studio. In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a full-stack Flutter application using the Serverpod framework. Serverpod provides an efficient and seamless way to develop server-side functionality for Flutter apps, allowing you to create a robust backend that seamlessly integrates with your Flutter client.

Humpday Q&A/AMA :: 31st May 2023 :: #HumpdayQandA #Flutter #FlutterCommunity. Weekly Humpday Q&A/AMA. Join Simon, Scott and Randal and community guests answering your #Flutter and #Dart questions!


share_plus Flutter plugin for sharing content via the platform share UI.

chopper Chopper is an http client generator using source gen, inspired by Retrofit.

routemaster Easy-to-use Navigator 2.0 router for web, mobile and desktop. URL-based routing, simple navigation of tabs and nested routes.


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