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Newsletter Issue 12

November 11, 2019


Flutter is growing fast!. GitHub’s recently released 2019 State of the Octoverse listed Flutter as:

  • No. 3 of Top open source projects by contributors (Amazing community!).
  • No. 2 of Fastest growing open source projects by contributors.
  • No. 1 Dart as Fastest growing languages!

This is only good news for us as Flutter developers!.

Announcing Dart 2.6 with dart2native: Compile Dart to self-contained, native executables. Dart 2.6 is here, and with it, the most important feature is dart2native, an extension of the current compiler set that allows to build self-contained executables. With dart2native, you can build command lines tools and services. Also in this release we have:

  • A new beta version of dart:fii with breaking changes to the API.
  • Extension methods are here.

You can learn more about the changes in the CHANGELOG.

Functional bits in Flutter — follow up. An interesting article by Mattia Maldini about the duality of Flutter between functional and object-oriented approach.

[Update: Flutter confirmed] Google Stadia app is now live in the Play Store. Stadia, Google’s upcoming game streaming service for almost any device, including Pixel phones, is less than two weeks away from its official launch. And it’s confirmed that this app was built with Flutter, how amazing is that?.


Fledge A CI/CD tool for Flutter. An open-source tool that allows you to build automatically, test, sign, and release your Flutter app to both Apple and Google stores.

Flutter icon set generator. FlutterIcon is a web-based generator of Flutter icon font elements. Customized icon fonts can be produced from not only Material Design Icons, but several popular open-source web fonts as well, or by uploading your SVG art.


Flutter Design Patterns: 4 — Composite. Another great tutorial in this series by Mangirdas Kazlauskas. This is an overview of the Composite design pattern and its implementation in Dart and Flutter.

Rust once and share it with Android, iOS and Flutter. An amazing tutorial by Roberto Huertas on how to create a Rust library that works on Android, iOS, and Flutter.

Exploring GraphQL with Flutter. GraphQL is everywhere, even in Flutter. In this tutorial by Milind Mevada, we learn a couple of alternatives on how to implement GraphQL on Flutter.

Environment-specific Configuration with Flutter. In this fantastic tutorial by James Dixon, we learn how to maintain different configurations depending on whether you’re developing locally or running in production.

Flutter with GitHub Actions. Automation’s very important. In this two-part series by Adam Cooper, he explains how to use GitHub Action for CI:


Build Your First Flutter Game | Apps From Scratch. In this video, by Marcus Ng, we learn how to build a basic Flutter game using Flame.

Learn Flutter Clean Architecture & TDD - Full Course (Flutter Tutorial). The most extended (7 hours) and complete architecture and TDD video tutorial by Reso Coder. Here he compiles together all the series.

DashCast is back, again! (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 33). Dash is back!. In this episode of The Boring Show, Matt and John work on DashCast, a Flutter podcasting app. Watch as they attempt to implement offline playback and experiment with Dart’s HTTP streaming APIs.

Animation Basics with Implicit Animations. By Flutter. We’re going to introduce you to animations in Flutter and cover how to build both simple and complex animations for your app.


flutter-launcher-icons A package that simplifies the task of updating your Flutter app’s launcher icon. - Github.

sqfentity SqfEntity ORM for Flutter/Dart lets you build and execute SQL commands easily and quickly with the help of fluent methods similar to .Net Entity Framework. - Github

google-map-location-picker Map location picker for flutter Based on google-maps-flutter. - Github.

App of the Week

Flutter Beat Sequencer Open-source Music Beat Sequencer made with Flutter Web. Github.

kilo: a 7MB code editor written in less than 500 lines of Dart code No so much an app but a great example of a Dart console app.