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Newsletter Issue 13

November 18, 2019


Is Flutter ready for Enterprise mobile apps?. In this great tutorial by Gary Chang. He looks at specific requirements that will inform on whether or not Flutter and its library package ecosystem is ready to build Enterprise apps. He takes into account architecture, environment, UI, access to hardware features, security, and other requirements. Also, he puts a link to Flutter Tap as one of the newsletters of Flutter yay!.

Sign in with Apple now available for Firebase Auth . Now you can use Firebase Auth to Sign in with Apple in your Flutter apps.


equinox. An Eva Design implementation in Flutter. No, everything is Material Design or Cupertino. Equinox is an alternative to these design systems.


HTTP Requests with Flutter. Another great tutorial by Paul Halliday. Almost any modern app requires communication with an API, and for that, you need to make HTTP requests. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the http plugin within Flutter.

Data Persistence on Flutter. A fantastic in-deep tutorial on data storage. See how to persist data to storage in a Flutter app, including to files and to a remote datastore, and use a Repository interface for the persistence.

How to create a simple login form in Flutter™ using BLoC pattern. Learn how to apply the BLoC pattern to a login form in this tutorial by DLT Labs.

Flutter for Web : Building a Portfolio Website. Every day we see more examples of Flutter Web. In this tutorial by Aditya Gurjar, we learn how to build a portfolio website.

Game of Life with Flutter. By Christian Muehle. I’m a big fan of games made in Flutter, so this is a more than a welcome tutorial.


The Flutter channel was jam-packed this week. Here are the best videos of this week.

Why Flutter uses Dart. Watch this video to learn how Flutter uses Dart to enable you to develop an app quickly and deploy it to multiple platforms!

22 Short Lessons To Become A Mobile Programmer Using Flutter Framework. A fantastic video compilation by Zaiste with everything you need to start Flutter programming.

AnimatedCrossFade (Flutter Widget of the Week). Crossfade is a cinematic term in which one thing gradually fades into another. Wouldn’t it be useful to have something similar, but for Flutter widgets? AnimatedCrossFade to the rescue!

Creating your own Custom Implicit Animations with TweenAnimationBuilder. In this episode of Flutter in Focus, Emily Fortuna shows how to use TweenAnimationBuilder in Flutter to build a basic animation for your app. Stick around for an overview and several use cases for the widget!

Flutter - Instagram UI Concept- Speed Coding. Great speed coding video by Steven Dz bring this design to live with Flutter.


jiffy. Jiffy is a date dart package inspired by momentjs for parsing, manipulating and formatting dates. - Github.

flutter_tagging. A flutter package with tagging or multiselect functionality. Useful for adding Tag or Label Selection Forms. - Github.

file_picker A package that allows you to use a native file explorer to pick single or multiple absolute file paths, with extension filtering - Github.

App of the Week

ampstor. Here is a complex web application built with Flutter Web, @Firebase, @GCPcloud. It generates perfect HTML5 @AMPhtml code and optionally hosts it for you! Drag and drop editor with tons of functionality. See the announcement on twitter.