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Newsletter Issue 15

December 02, 2019

Flutter Interact ‘19. Is coming on December 11 mark your calendars!


React Native vs Flutter: A comparison from real project experience perspective. A fantastic article by Andréas Hanss. If you want a practical comparison between these two platforms, this is the article for you.

Issues, Bugs, and Backlogs. An interesting behind the scenes on how Flutter is managed as an open-source project.

Why Businesses Should Start Focusing on Google’s Flutter and Fuchsia. A great article by Albert Smith focused on the potential he thinks Flutter and Fuchsia will have on the IoT ecosystem and why it is a good moment to participate as a business.

It’s all Widgets Flutter Podcast - Eric Windmill. A great podcast with Eric Windmill, author of Flutter in Action, Flutter by Example, and much more.


Flutter Version Management. A simple open-source CLI to manage Flutter SDK versions per project. This tool allows you to manage multiple channels and releases, and caches these versions locally, so you don’t have to wait for a full setup every time you want to switch versions.

Screenshots. A command-line utility and package for capturing screenshots for Flutter.


Games in Flutter — Flame & Box2D Part 1. Another fantastic game tutorial by Christian Muehle. The game we will create will render a maze on your screen, and the player will control a ball rolling through it by moving his phone. This tutorial includes Flame, Box2D, and Gyroscope (Sensors).

Including assets in a Flutter package. This one is for package developers on how to include images, fonts, and other assets in your package.

Note: If you are a package developer, please give us a shoutout on@fluttertap. We want to hear from you!.

Flutter Design Patterns: 7 — Facade. Another week another Flutter Design Patterns by Mangirdas Kazlauskas, excellent as always.

Case Study: Automating UI/Integration Tests with Flutter Driver and Codemagic. Written by Andrea Bizzotto of Coding With Flutter on how to write integration tests using Flutter driver, and see how they differ from widget tests.

How to Implement an Animated Gif Dialog Box in Flutter. How to Implement an animated gif dialog box in Flutter, with help of the giffy_dialog package.


Flutter Generated Dependency Injection – Kiwi Tutorial. Another amazing video by Reso Coder. In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to utilize the power of code generation together with the kiwi package to configure your dependency injection container in no time.

ColorFiltered (Flutter Widget of the Week). It’s easy to play around with color in Flutter widgets, and not just by modifying a color parameter. Check out the ColorFiltered widget, which lets you change and morph colors in weird and wonderful ways!

Don’t miss #AskFlutter live at Flutter Interact ‘19!. In between talks at Flutter Interact ‘19, the Dart and Flutter teams will answer audience questions on the live stream, and you can give them a head start by posting questions now!

Making Your First Directional Animations with Built-in Explicit Animations. In this episode of Flutter in Focus, Andrew Fitz Gibbon introduces explicit animations in Flutter. We’ll take one example and learn how to use an AnimationController to gain a bit more control over your animations.

Dart Extensions: Full Introduction and Practical Use Cases. By Andrea Bizzotto. This tutorial is a complete introduction to Dart extensions, a language feature that was added in Dart 2.6.


easygooglemaps Easy Google Maps for Flutter on Web and Mobile. When you change the address, the map will automatically move the camera position to the new marker. - Github.

flutteremailsender Allows send emails from Flutter using native platform functionality. - Github.

kiwi A simple yet efficient IoC container for Dart and Flutter (can be coupled with the kiwi_generator package). - Github.

App of the Week

Solar System. A Flutter app that provides basic info about our solar system.