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Newsletter Issue 16

December 09, 2019

Flutter Interact ‘19. Just 2 days away! Here is the schedule.


A brand new with Flutter support. Better support of Flutter in DartPad. Now you have widget documentation, all Flutter’s core library support, and much more.

Announcing Rive. Our friends of 2Dimensions, the creators of Flare, now have a new brand called Rive. This means more amazing animations and more focus on the app.

Roadmap To Become A Flutter Developer (Resources for Beginners). A fantastic curated list of resources by Ashish Rawat to become a Flutter Developer.


DartPad. The best way to test and share your Flutter and Dart code.

Cíngulo Flutter Sample. A fully working boilerplate sample Flutter app implementation.


Add Custom Marker Images to your Google Maps in Flutter. Google Maps are part of many apps, and in this tutorial by Roman Jaquez, we learn how to give it more style with custom markers.

Games in Flutter — Flame & Box2D Part 2. This is the second part of the tutorial of Christian Muehle that we shared last week. Here we learn more about games and Flutter with Flame, Box2D, and the Gyroscope of the phone.

Implementing BLoC Pattern for parsing JSON from API. A great tutorial by Newak Kabir on how to use the BLoC pattern to interact with an API in a scalable and maintainable way.

A quick start guide to start Flutter Web. In this tutorial by bugudiramu, we will learn how to create a simple web page using Flutter. An excellent starting point.

How to Implement Flutter Native Ads | Flutter AdMob Tutorial. If you want to know how to add AdMob to your Flutter app, check out this tutorial that also has a video.

Flutter 💙 The widgets are trees 🌲 your app is a forest 🌲🌲🎄. Useful tips and tricks in this tutorial by Hillel Coren.

Flutter Web + Firebase Hosting. In this tutorial by Damion Davy, we learn how easy it is to deploy a Flutter web with Firebase.


Creating custom explicit animations with AnimatedBuilder & AnimatedWidget - Flutter in Focus. In this episode of Flutter in Focus, Emily Fortuna introduces why you might want to use AnimatedBuilder or AnimatedWidget versus other animation widgets, and how to use them. In the process, she makes a fun repeating gradient animation.

ToggleButtons (Flutter Widget of the Week). Do you want to let your users select from a number of related options? Adding ToggleButtons to your app can help!

iPod Classic UI with Flutter. A fantastic video by Fireship. Build a throwback UI inspired by the iPod Classic, featuring a click wheel scroller that can detect circular motion with an animated PageView.

Super Enum 💪 Dart & Flutter Tutorial – Store Custom Data. Another amazing tutorial by Reso Coder this time about the Super Enum package to add more power to this simple type.


super_enum Create super-powered enums similar to sealed classes in Kotlin. - Github.

sharedpreferencesweb Web platform implementation of sharedpreferences. []( - Github.

fluro Fluro is a Flutter routing library that adds flexible routing options like wildcards, named parameters, and clear route definitions. - Github.

App of the Week

FlutterBMI. Body Mass Index(BMI) is a value derived from a person’s weight and height.