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Newsletter Issue 168

May 08, 2023

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Flutter content at Google I/O on May 10. Just two days for Google I/O. Bookmark this page to be ready to watch all the Flutter content at Google I/O on May 10.


Isolates & Multithreading in Flutter. Suraj Verma gives us an overview of isolates and multithreading in Flutter, how to implement them, and when to use them.


Level Up Your Flutter Apps with Embrace!.

Embrace is a game changer for Flutter developers. With its easy integration and powerful insights, you can track your app’s performance, identify and resolve issues, and get a window into your end-user experience with 100% of sessions captured. Sign up for a free trial to learn how Embrace can take your app to the next level!

Migrating a Flutter app to Material 3. Taha Tesser gives us a step-by-step guide on how to migrate a Flutter app to Material 3.

Mastering Material Design 3: The Complete Guide to Theming in Flutter. Continuing with the Material 3 theme, Christian Findlay shows us how to use the new Material 3 theming system.


Dominik Roszkowski - Native Platform Views for Mobile and Beyond - Flutter Heroes 2023. In this talk we’ll review how to use Platform Views on Android and iOS. What are the most surprising considerations when working with them? What if some native library does not support Flutter and you need to display its UI in the app? We’ll look into showing native views on desktop platforms and see what is still missing in this area.

Teresa Wu - The Ultimate Cookbook of Flutter Testing - Flutter Heroes 2023. In this talk, I am going to walk you through every layer of testing, starting from Unit testing to integration testing, and slowly move up to E2E tests, giving demo of each piece while looking at testing as an independent component, and how we should design our project with testing in mind. The fundamental concept is that if your project can be tested, then your code is clean. A few other tools I will be covering in this talk include: the concept of BDD, API tests, Contract tests and test automation. Teresa Wu, VP of Software Engineering and GDE Flutter/ Dart, JP Morgan Chase

Akanksha Singh - Power Up your Flutter Apps with Voice - Flutter Heroes 2023. With the accelerated adoption of digital technologies due to COVID-19, conversational AI solutions including chatbots, virtual agents, and voice assistants have also become even more popular. “Hey, Google!”, “Ok, Google” are probably some of the first words kids of today’s generation are learning. A growing preference for voice interaction with virtual assistants is booming as voice interface provides convenience to millions by saving time and the cognitive burden that goes into typing a query they want to be answered or a task they want to be done. In this talk, I will cover use cases of conversational AI and discuss different methods and packages one can use to add this functionality to their flutter apps which will not only improve the user experience but also make the apps more accessible.

These 3 videos are just a taste of the Flutter Hereos 2023, please check the playlist for more videos.


sync_http A Dart HTTP client implemented using RawSynchronousSockets to allow for synchronous HTTP requests.

keyboard_actions Now you can add features to the Android / iOS keyboard in a very simple way.

adaptive_dialog Show alert dialog or modal action sheet adaptively according to platform.

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