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Newsletter Issue 20

January 06, 2020

Welcome, 2020!

This is the first Flutter Tap Issue of 2020. Over 250 subscribers, thank you!

Remember comment, rate, claps, or any other recognition that you want to those who write these fantastic articles, tutorials, packages, and videos.


How to Improve Productivity in Flutter Teams with a Storyboard. In this article by Dhruvam Sharma, we see an interesting approach on how to organize your widgets with a storyboard and the tool that they made to make it happen.

Bram De Coninck brings us a two-part article where he compares Flutter with Android, Xamarin Forms and React Native, building the same app in the 4 platforms:


Flutter StoryBoard. A Flutter based application to showcase your custom widgets in your app that helps in easy review of the design.

Dashbook. A UI development tool for Flutter, it works as a development environment for the project widgets and also a showcase for common widgets on the app, it is heavily inspired by Storybook library, so it should be very easy for people who have already used Storybook, to use Dashbook.


Flutter Flip Card Animation With 3D Effect. Fernando shows us a simple but useful tutorial on how to make a flip card animation from scratch.

Easily Understand Dart’s Extension Methods For Flutter. A fantastic tutorial by Pinkesh Darji explaining how to use extension methods to add new functionality to already available libraries.

An Introduction to MVVM in Flutter. It’s always good to experiment with different design patterns for our apps. In this tutorial, Mohammad Azam shows how to implement the MVVM pattern to a Flutter app.

A Developer’s Guide to Flutter. If you are starting on Flutter, this is a great tutorial for you. Karah Shah compiles an excellent article with multiple resources to get you started.


Quick and Handy Tips for Flutter Developers | Flutter Tutorial. This is going to be a short Flutter Tutorial with content that every Flutter Developer will probably need during their Flutter Development Career.

How to Create Liquid Swipe Animation in Flutter. In this tutorial, how to Create liquid Swipe Animation in a flutter inspired by Cuberto. Liquid swipe is the revealing clipper to bring off an amazing liquid-like swipe to stacked Container.

States Rebuilder – ZERO Boilerplate Flutter State Management. By Reso Coder. states_rebuilder is the simplest yet most feature-packed state management package out there, and I don’t say it lightly. As a bonus, there is LITERALLY no boilerplate.

Adding Google Maps to Flutter Web #FlutterDev @flutterio. Darran Kelinske shows us how to add Google Maps to our apps.


flutter_screenutil A flutter plugin for adapting screen and font size. Guaranteed to look good on different models. - Github.

audioplayers A flutter plugin to play multiple audio files simultaneously. - Github.

flutter_emoji 👉 A light-weight Emoji 📦 for Flutter with all up-to-date emojis 😄. Made from 💯% ☕ with ❤️!. - Github.

App of the Week

Flutter2GoogleSheets-Demo. A Demo application that stores User feedback from Flutter application into Google Sheets using Google AppScript.