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Newsletter Issue 25

February 10, 2020

Remember comment, rate, claps, or any other recognition that you want to those who write these fantastic articles, tutorials, packages, and videos.

Matt Sullivan is leaving Google and the Flutter dev team to join Rive App, we will miss his presentations and videos, but I’m sure that he will continue hearing from Matt on the Flutter community. Best of luck!


Lessons Learned Migrating a Production App to Flutter. A fantastic article by Dhananjay Trivedi. Here he shows us the journey from a native base code to Flutter, with 10 lessons learned.


Flutter Device Preview. Think of Device Preview as a first-order approximation of how your app looks and feels on a mobile device. With Device Mode, you don’t actually run your code on a mobile device. You simulate the mobile user experience from your laptop, desktop, or tablet.


Text Recognition with ML-Kit | Flutter. In this tutorial, Ashish Rawat shows us how to use ML-Kit with Flutter to do text recognition.

State Management using Flutter BLoC using Dio and Retrofit. This tutorial by Shivanchal Pandey is a great way to get to know how to make API calls using the BLoC state management pattern.

Simple State Management with MobX. In this tutorial, Kelven Galvão gives us an introduction on how to use MobX state management on Flutter.

Flutter Tutorial: Animations for Lazy People. Another fantastic tutorial by Scott Stoll, this time is an introduction to animations on Flutter with a little challenge at the end.

Flutter sign in with Google in Android (without Firebase). What happens if you want Google Sign In to your app, but you don’t want to use Firebase, you read this tutorial by Snir David.

How to develop a Flutter package | Flutter Tutorial. Create a Flutter package is a great way to gain experience and contribute to the community. In this tutorial by Sandro Maglione, you learn what it takes to publish your own package.

Error Handling in Flutter. Every time we are developing an app, we are going to face errors. In this tutorial by Greg Perry, we learn how to deal with errors in Flutter.


SnackBar (Flutter Widget of the Week).Ever wanted to show a quick message in your app? Then SnackBar is for you! SnackBar lets you pop up a message for a few seconds at the bottom of your app.

What are types good for, anyway. How the Dart 2 typesystem influenced the Dart VM? Flutter Warsaw #9. Samir Jindel, Software Engineer at Google on the Dart Compiler & Runtime, discusses how the Dart 2 type-system has influenced its compiler.

Going Native: Developing Flutter Plugins, by Richard Heap. Sooner or later you will need something that cannot be done entirely in Flutter and need to interact with iOS and Android natively using a plugin. Luckily there are already plenty available on, but you may need to modify an existing one or even code one from scratch to satisfy your requirement.


flutter-layout-grid. Great package!. A grid-based layout system for Flutter, inspired by CSS Grid Layout. - Github.

random_string Simple library for generating random ASCII strings by default using Random from dart:math. - Github.

web-socket-channel StreamChannel wrappers for WebSockets. Provides a cross-platform WebSocketChannel API, a cross-platform implementation of that API that communicates over an underlying StreamChannel. - Github.

App of the Week

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TV Randshow - App to choose a random TV show episode. TV Randshow was created to help choose a random episode from your favorites TV shows. The TV shows database comes from the TMDB, and the app saves them in a database on the device. With the list of favorites, you can roll the dice of a TV shows to get a random episode.