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Issue 4

September 16, 2019


Release Notes Flutter 1.9.1 Flutter 1.9 is here. It has more built-in widgets, iOS style updates, support for additional locales, better error messages, Dart 2.5 with the foreign function interface, and more. You can watch a summary on Youtube What’s New in Flutter 1.9.

Announcing Dart 2.5: Super-charged development, there are many changes in this version, such as ML Complete support, dart:ffi for better support for calling C code from Dart, and improved constant expressions.


Dartpad now supports Flutter Widgets which is great to try your code. You can see it in action this codelab.


Slivers are a cool way to make an advanced scrollable list with collapsing headers an much more. In this two-part tutorial, Muhammed Salih Guler explains what Slivers, types are and how to use it in your Flutter app:

Flutter Stream Basics for Beginners. In our Second Issue we include an article about Streams, this time we have another article introducing Streams in Flutter written by Dane Mackier. If you prefer Dane made a video of the article.

Dio Interceptors in Flutter a tutorial by Gonçalo Palma about how to use Dio interceptors in our Http requests.

Physics Based Animations in Flutter a cool tutorial by Erdoğan Bavaş on how to use GravitySimulation and SpringSimulation on our apps with the Flutter libraries.

Page turn effect in Flutter no so much a tutorial but a gist by Simon Lightfoot you can find the gist here.


Custom Navigator (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 29). Another Flutter Boring Show on how to make custom navigation.

Tencent Apps: Flutter Developer Story. This video shows how Tencent is using Flutter, developing 6 apps through various parts of their business.

Easy Flutter Location Service for Realtime Updates in Provider. In this tutorial of FilledStacks we can learn how to use provider and streams to get the realtime location of the user with Flutter.

In our second Issue with talk about the TDD series of Reso Code, on that moment there were only two parts, now we have 5 parts:


geolocator Geolocation plugin for Flutter. This plugin provides a cross-platform (iOS, Android) API for generic location (GPS etc.) functions. Github.

share Flutter plugin for sharing content via the platform share UI, using the ACTION_SEND intent on Android and UIActivityViewController on iOS. Github.

path A string-based path manipulation library. All of the path operations you know and love, with solid support for Windows, POSIX (Linux and Mac OS X), and the web. Github.

App of the Week

inKino - a multiplatform Dart project with code sharing between Flutter and web A great open source app made with Flutter and AngularDart. InKino showcases Redux, has an extensive set of automated tests and 40% code sharing between Flutter and web.