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Newsletter Issue 40

May 25, 2020

40 Weeks! 40 Newsletter and more than 500+ subscribers. Thank you all!.

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Flutter Package Ecosystem Update. Learn all about the changes in the Flutter package manager (

Save the Date: Flutter Day, June 25, 2020. Just a month away!. 24 hours of supported codelabs with video streams from the Flutter team. And now they are joining forces with Hack20. So get ready for a lot of Flutter at the end of the month.

Say hello to the helpful Firebase Emulator - a local first UI to boost your productivity. I know this is not 100% Flutter. But a lot of Flutter apps out there use Firebase. This tool is excellent for testing our apps locally.


ZFlutter. ZFlutter is a pseudo-3D engine for Flutter.


Build a marketplace in your Flutter app and accept payments using Stripe and Firebase. An amazing tutorial by Mat, here we learn how to create a marketplace in Flutter, with payments implementing Stripe.

Build a Wallpaper App with Flutter. A great tutorial by Sanskar Tiwari, here we learn how to fetch data from an API, pass data to widgets, use a GridView, and much more.

Top 8 Pro Tips for Flutter Web Apps using Firebase. 8 useful tips for developing for Web with Flutter. By Andrea Bizzotto.

Expose your Flutter applications using GitHub Actions and GitHub Pages. Short and to the point tutorial by Mattis Brizard, on how to deploy your Flutter web app to GitHub pages.

Explore ARCore in Flutter. A fantastic tutorial by Shaiq khan. If you want to take your first steps with augmented reality and Flutter, this is the tutorial for you.

If you want to learn more about Themes in Flutter, check out this three-part series by Vivek Yadav:


Flutter Provider Package In Depth. By Andy Jolow. This is a 4 part series about the provider state management package.

CheckboxListTile (Flutter Widget of the Week). Whenever you accomplish something, it’s rewarding to be able to check it off your list. There’s never just one thing to do, though, and these check boxes usually come in a list. CheckboxListTile combines two widgets: Checkbox and ListTile, but instead of simply making the leading or trailing widget a checkbox, it also makes it so that tapping anywhere in the ListTile toggles the checkbox.

Deno Crash Course (Backend) + Flutter (Frontend) Full Tutorial. Deno is trending right now as an alternative to NodeJs. In this tutorial by MTECHVIRAL, we learn how to use Deno ( A secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript.) to create the QuotesX Backend and how to consume that in a Flutter App.


sign-in_with-apple Flutter bridge to initiate Sign in with Apple (on iOS, macOS, and Android). Includes support for keychain entries as well as signing in with an Apple ID.

convex_bottom-bar A Flutter package which implements a ConvexAppBar to show a convex tab in the bottom bar. Theming supported.

mime Utilities for handling media (MIME) types, including determining a type from a file extension and file contents.

App of the Week

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Shots. A party drinking game that lets you learn more about your friends: Provider + Hive + swipeable_card. Open-source made with Flutter.

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