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Newsletter Issue 5

September 23, 2019


We’re the Flutter team at Google. Ask Us Anything! AMA from the Flutter team.

React Native vs.Flutter vs. Ionic Which is Challenging Platform for Your App. An article by Vikram Yadav with a comparison between these three cross-platform technologies.

Web FAQ - has a new Web FAQ page for web apps.


Docker Images for Flutter A docker image with Flutter pre-installed. You can use it in CI or run locally via Docker. You can see more details on their Github repository.


Dart (DartLang) Introduction: Getting started with Dart/Flutter - a very extensive tutorial by Uday Hiwarale about Dart, including variables, data types, loops, conditionals, functions, async programming and much much more.

State management for Flutter apps with MobX. A tutorial by Fabusuyi Ayodeji about using MobX. MobX is a scalable library developed to ease the process of state management in frontend applications. Also, you learn how to setup CI/CD with CircleCI.

Flutter with SAP Cloud Android SDK. In this tutorial, you learn how to create a Flutter plugin for Android using the OData library of SAP.

Flutter Face Detection - Detect with Firebase ML Kit + Draw with CustomPainter. In this great tutorial by Akora Ing. DKB, we’ll explore the basics of detecting faces within an image with Firebase ML Kit and make it visible with the help of CustomPainter.


Build Mobile Apps With Flutter and Google Maps (Cloud Next ‘19) - This is a great coding session with Brett Morgan and Matthew Sullivan from the Flutter team. Here they will demonstrate how to build a location-aware mobile app using Flutter, Firestore, and Google Maps Platform.

How is Flutter different for app development. In this video, hear Martin Aguinis from the Flutter team discuss what goes on under the hood when you create apps with Flutter and how it’s different from other approaches.

Flutter Web : Flutter 1.10 Adding Web Support For New & Existing Projects. Although Flutter for the web is not ready for production. In this video, MTECHVIRAL explains how to add web support in your new or existing flutter projects with the new Flutter 1.10.

Flutter Meets the Physical World at OSCON. IoT is everywhere in this video Emily Fortuna and Matt Sullivan live code a Flutter mobile and web app with slick animations, and connect to the Internet of Things with some extremely stylish headgear.


fontawesomeflutter The Android and iOS icons are good for many applications, but if you want more, you can use this package. Geolocation plugin for Flutter. This plugin provides a cross-platform (iOS, Android) API for generic location (GPS etc.) functions. Github.

flutter_spinkit A collection of loading indicators animated with Flutter. Heavily inspired by @tobiasahlin’s SpinKit. Github.

uuid RFC4122 (v1, v4, v5) UUID Generator and Parser for all Dart platforms (Web, VM, Flutter). Github.

App of the Week

Music Player built with flutter A open source music player made with Flutter.