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Newsletter Issue 6

September 30, 2019


How Flutter can be the future for your App development Process. A good article by Dhruvam Sharma about the pros and cons of Flutter.

Apps take flight with Flutter. A refreshed showcase page of apps made with Flutter, this time we have companies like Realtor, Tencent, The New York Times, Square, and much more.

Should I Add Generated Dart Files to Git? A short to the point article by Miguel Beltran about if you should add files generated by packages of jsonserializable or buildvalue to your git. What do you think?


Command Line Tool for managing Flutter projects. Interesting project. Wholesome is a Command Line Tool that aims to facilitate code generation for Flutter projects, proposing a default architecture based on BLoC pattern.


Cross-Platform On-Device ML Inference. A great tutorial by TruongSinh Tran-Nguyen on how to use TensorFlow Lite with Flutter doing some object detection.

To-do List in Flutter with SQLite as local database. In one moment or another, we all have to save some data locally. In this tutorial by Udara Abeythilake, we learn how to use SQLite with Flutter.

Daily Cooking Quest Animation — Part 1. In this tutorial by Xuzan Lama, you can learn how to create a great UI with animations in Flutter.

Dark Mode in Flutter. In this great tutorial, Paul Mutisya covers how to use different Themes for light and dark modes, get the system’s screen brightness and even change the theme of Google Maps in Flutter.

Implementing BLoC pattern using flutter_bloc. We can’t have a newsletter about Flutter without talking about state management. In this article Piyush Sinha teach us how to implement BLoC pattern using flutter_bloc package.


Isolates and multithreading in Flutter (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 30). The Boring Show is back!. In this episode of The Boring Show, Filip is joined by Andrew. Follow along as they dive into isolates and multithreading in Dart.

ListView (Flutter Widget of the Week). The ListView Widget it’s one of the more used widgets on Flutter.

Live coding Jack Sparrow’s compass in Flutter. An excellent video by Fidev showing Jack Sparrow’s compass for Flutter Europe conference. The result is compass always pointing to the conference venue in Warsaw.


image_cropper A Flutter plugin for Android and iOS supports cropping images. Github.

location A Flutter plugin to easily handle a realtime location on iOS and Android. Provides settings for optimizing performance or battery. Github.

arkit_plugin Flutter Plugin for ARKit - Apple’s augmented reality (AR) development platform for iOS mobile devices. Github.

App of the Week

Shrine App by the Flutter team In this open source Flutter app, you can see how to apply Material design to an application. It’s a great way to learn Themes, Animations, Custom Widgets an much more and you have a codelab to follow along.


This is a new section if you have any event related to Flutter, please send me a Twitter @fluttertap

Flutter Europe Conference - January 23rd-24th, 2020 Warsaw, Poland. Flutter Europe is an initiative driven by European Flutter Communities to gather all Flutter passionates and learn to create beautiful apps! Our goal is to share Flutter knowledge, improve Flutter skills and expand Flutter community.