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Newsletter Issue 9

October 21, 2019


Flutter Design Patterns: 1 — Singleton. An article by Mangirdas Kazlauskas. Here he gives an overview of Singleton design pattern and its implementation in Dart and Flutter.

Top 10 Flutter Companies in 2019. What are the top software companies focusing on Flutter? This article gives you the answer.

React Native vs. Flutter. A helpful comparison by Youssef Nader of these two platforms.


Flutter Google Fonts. CLI for google fonts installation in flutter. Still a Work in Progress (WIP).


Dart Methods That Every Beginner Should Learn. A great introduction to some methods of Dart in this tutorial by Nabil Nalakath. He covers Strings, Dates, and Lists.

Animating Apps With Flutter. An amazing and very complete tutorial on Flutter animation. Animations can be a great way to give feedback and a better experience to your users.

Master Flutter Essentials: Intensify Powerful UIs. Another excellent and very long article by Aditya Patnaik, where he covers different widgets such as WebView, PageView, BottomSheet, TabBar, BottomNavigationBar, DropDownButton, Drawer, and Stepper.

Handwriting number recognizer with Flutter and Tensorflow by Sergio Fraile. A fantastic three parts tutorial (waiting for part 4) on TensorFlow and Flutter:

Host your Flutter Project as a REST API. A great tutorial by Rody Davis. Using the same logic for your app and exposing it as a REST API with Google Cloud. All written in Dart.

Integrating native third-party SDK in Flutter. If you ever wondered how you could integrate third-party native code into your Flutter app, then you must read this tutorial by Rahim Khalid.


SelectableText (Flutter Widget of the Week). Have you ever wanted to make some display text in your app selectable? SelectableText is the widget for you!.

Space Apps Orlando 2019 - Space Curiosity. Building a global, cross platform application with Flutter.

Ultimate Flutter Responsive UI Guide | Flutter Responsive Web. This is the follow-up tutorial of Part 1 (, where we use the base we defined to build a responsive UI architecture.


autosizetext Flutter widget that automatically resizes text to fit perfectly within its bounds. - Github.

timeago A library useful for creating fuzzy timestamps. (e.g. “15 minutes ago”). - Github.

flutterspeeddial Flutter plugin to implement a beautiful and dynamic Material Design Speed Dial, with labels, animated icons, and hide on scrolling. - Github.

requests A flutter library that helps with HTTP requests and stored cookies. - Github.

App of the Week

Space Curiosity. Space Curiosity is an aggregator of all about space-related things. Built for space enthusiasts, by space enthusiasts. It has been developed using Flutter, an open-source SDK that helps us create amazing cross-platform apps.